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How to enter the Pillars of Creation in Enshrouded

As you explore the world in Cover, you will encounter countless craftsmen such as Blacksmiths, many of whom will require specific tools to complete their work. Sometimes these missions take you into deadly new areas, e.g Pillars of creativitythis will kill you if you try to enter unprepared.

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Cover: How to enter the Pillars of Creation, explained

The blacksmith gives you a quest that will lead you to the Pillars of Creation. Screenshot of Dot Esports

In the quest Find Construction Tools, given to you by the Blacksmith Cover, you are tasked with entering the Pillars of Creation. However, to Enter the Pillars of Creationyou must have one Minimum flame level is four.

This is because The Pillars of Creation are filled with the deadly Shroud, As the name suggests, it is quite dangerous and can kill you. To survive, you must raise your Flame level as this will also increase your Shroud Passage Level, which is essential for overcoming the deadly Shroud.

When your Flame level is at least four, the Deadly Shroud will switch to the normal Shroud and you can finally enter the Pillars of Creation. However, you still have the Shroud timer, so you must exit before it ends. If you’re worried you’ll run out of time, you can increase your chances of surviving Shroud Time by learning the Shroud Time Skill or using the Shroud Survival Potion.

But if you don’t have level 4 Flame level, you won’t be able to enter the Pillars of Creation.

How to level up your Flame in Cover

If the Shroud is red, you will die almost immediately. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To increase your Flame level in Cover, you must interact with your Flame and pay the price to strengthen it. Doing so raises your Flame Level and adds one minute to your Cover Time per level.

It’s important to note that the higher your Flame level, the more resources you have to sacrifice to increase your Flame level. For example, to go from a Flame level ranges from two to threeYou will need the following resources:

  • five sparks
  • 10 waxes
  • 10 salt
  • 10 wooden shrouds
  • 10 flints
  • 10 coals
  • One head Matron Scavenger

To go from one Flame level ranges from three to fourYou will need the following items:

  • 10 sparks
  • 15 years old
  • 15 mycelium
  • 15 Indigo plant
  • 15 amber
  • 15 Copper ore
  • A Wispwyvern head falls

It will take time to get these items, but increasing your Flame level to four is the only way you can enter the Pillars of Creation in Cover.