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How to do King and I in Persona 3 Reload

Main character in Reload Persona 3 have a unique ability to use multiple Persona powers at once, and they have access to several Theosophy powers. One is called King and I, which requires a specific unlock method.

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You need to do some Persona combinations as you progress through the game. There are some you can complete earlier in the game and others that are locked during story progression, which means you might not be able to complete it in just one night exploring Tartarus. There are also some outside jobs you need to do for Elizabeth after school for one of them. Here’s what you need to know about how to perform the King and I Ceremony in Reload Persona 3.

How to unlock King and I Theology in Reload Persona 3

How to Unlock King and I Theology in Persona 3 ReloadedYou can use King and I when your Ritual meter is full. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You need to unlock it two fusions of Persona for the Liturgy of the King and Iand they require different combinations to complete. You need to follow up Ice King And Dark fog while playing Reload Persona 3.

Between the two, I try to deal with King Frost first. Before focusing on creating the combination, you must collect three Jack Frost dolls for Elizabeth, and you can do this at the crane machine outside the arcade at Paulownia Mall. You can do all of these on the same night or on different evenings if you don’t have the money, as each attempt will cost 200 yen. You receive the Sugar Key after completing this request for Elizabeth. It’s easier than tracking down a giant, scary doll for her.

The next step is to find the correct combination, and there are many ways you can do this along the way Reload Persona 3 how to play. Some of our favorites include Sidhe continued And Power, Lamia And MatadorAnd Soldiers And Mithras. After you collect these while exploring Tartarus, the next step is to deal with the Black Frost.

Black Frost is not the same as King Frost because it belongs to the Special Fusion category and you need to reach level 37 to unlock it. The three Personas you need to keep track of are Jack Frost, Pumpkin lightsAnd Frost King. We’ve cleared the biggest obstacles in front of you for King Frost and the final step is to track down the two remaining Jacks. Luckily for players, those will be much easier to find, with Jack Frost frequently appears in the lower levels of Tartarus. Jack-o’-Lantern may also appear or you can combine Valkyrie And Furnace.

Once you have unlocked Black Frost and King Frost, King and I Theurgy will be available for you to use the next time you return to the Velvet Room. You can freely use this new power whenever you want to unleash a powerful Ice attack against your enemies in Reload Persona 3.