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How to cure weakness in Palworld

If your Friend calls in sick, it is your responsibility to make medicine for them. One of many diseases in password is the Weakened state, but the game doesn’t tell you exactly how to fix it.

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This is How to remove weakness from your friends in Palworld.

Internally Weakened State Palworld?

Any status effects will appear on your Friend’s stats page. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The Weakened State is an ailment that Pal can suffer from work around your grounds without proper care. When a Friend becomes sick, the game will notify you about it in the list of Friends assigned to your base, as well as on that creature’s statistics page.

Like the Depressed status, the Weakened effect will reduce the Friend’s ability to work. More specifically, this state will reduces both the creature’s work and movement speed while the effect is active. And unfortunately for those who like to fight off colds, this is an illness that won’t go away on its own.

How to cure Depression Palworld

To cure Depression Palworldyou need to Handcrafted high quality medical supplies via Medieval Medicine Workbench. Desk can Unlocked at level 12 with two Tech Points. After unlocking the bench, you can craft potions using the following ingredients:

  • Five Ingots, which can be crafted from 10 Ore from the Furnace.
  • Five horns, dropped from horned friends, like the Eikthyrdeer.
  • Two Bones, dropped by Vixy, Anubis, Gorirat and other Friends.
  • Screenshot from Palworld showing the crafting requirements for Advanced Medical Supplies from the Medieval Medicine WorkbenchHigh-end medical supplies require a bit of hard-to-find resources. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

    Advanced Medical Supplies manufacturing time is painful long. You can speed up the process with the help of Pals Drug Production Job suitability. This trait is identified by the green bowl icon in Pal’s stats or Paldeck entry. Some of the Friends you can find in Medicine Maker include Lifmunk and Flopie, but you can see the full list of Friends in Palworld and Their Job Suitability in our finished Paldeck.

    Tip: Prevent Your Friends from Weakening in the First Place!

    Your base should have soft Pal Beds, Food Containers, and Hot Springs to prevent diseases like Weakness as much as possible.

    Where to buy high-end medical equipment in the city? Palworld

    Screenshot of the Wandering Trader's inventory in Palworld.High-end medical supplies at Small Settlement. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

    You can buy premium medical supplies at Palworld from Merchants roam the Small Settlement for 3000 gold. It’s a steep price, but given the difficult times of the people you’re working with, it’s in your best interest to help them recover as quickly as possible.

    How to gift your friend premium medical supplies

    You can feed Pal by approaching him and opening the menu. Screenshot of Dot Esports.Select Premium Medical Supplies and the status will be automatically cured. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

    Once you finally have Premium Medical Supplies, you can offer them to your Friend through the following steps:

  • Approach My friend, you want to heal of Asthenia.
  • Select Open the menu option by pressing the relevant key combination.
  • Select “Feeding” from the options wheel.
  • Click on Premium Medical Supplies.
  • A short interaction will occur between you and your Friend, where you will lovingly pet them. The creature is then cured of the Weakened condition.