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How to cure Overfull in Palworld

Palworld focuses on active combat mechanics rather than status conditions, but there are some problems in the game and they can keep Pals from being able to operate at full capacity in your work ca—err, basically . For states like Overfull, you need to know how to fix it to avoid reduced performance.

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Thankfully, it is very easy to treat.

What is too full in Palworld?

Overfullness is not one of those diseases and can seemingly appear randomly in poor basic conditions, and a Pal is listed as “cannot satisfy,” by status. This means it Hunger will decrease quickly and it will start eating more while active in your base.


Palworld is an early access game so content may change as the game updates and is eventually fully released. This article will be updated as appropriate.

How to handle the Overfull status effect in Palworld

The Overfull statement is displayed on Tombat's statistics page.  The description describes the organism as "no limit."Overfull status appears as a purple label on your Friend’s statistics page. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Overfullness is one of the easier conditions to treat Palworld for you only need a little common medicine to cure your sick Friends. You must use Low Level Medical Supplies for your Friends, these can be easily obtained after you Crafting a Medieval Medicine Workbench.

If you don’t want to craft Low Level Medical Supplies, put the Pal in your Palbox. This can heal your Friends over time without using resources—though it also means you can’t let them work in your base for a while.

You can also find Low Level Medical Supplies when exploring the overworld, although it not a normal drop from Pals or enemy. However, if you want to try this method or haven’t unlocked the Medieval Medicine Workbench yet, you should try hunting down Lifmunk, Flopie, and Vaelet. Lifmunk is the easiest to find and can therefore be farmed as needed.


Some players in the community have encountered a bug where giving your Pal medical supplies through the radial menu will not cure the disease. However, bringing Pal into your party to heal will fix the problem.

A map from Palworld showing the location of the Lifmunk, a small chipmunk-like creature with green leaves.Check out any of these locations to find wild Lifmunk. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to craft Low Level Medical Supplies in Palworld

If you don’t want to reduce the Lifmunk population just to get medicine, you can also craft the supplies yourself. To produce low-grade medical supplies IN PalworldFollow these steps:

  • Level your character up to level 12 and unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench from the Technology tree.
  • Build a Medieval Medicine Workbench somewhere in your base using the following materials: 30 Wood, 5 Nails and 10 Paldium Shards.
  • Interact with the bench and Select Low-grade Medical Supplies. Craft it with the following ingredients
    • Five red berries
    • Two Horns, dropped by Horned Friends such as Eikthyrdeer or Incineram.
  • Low-level medical supplies in the Medieval Medicine Workbench, showing the requirements needed to create a recipe.Low-end medical supplies require only a few components. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    How to Give Low-Level Medical Supplies to Your Pal

    Once you have Low Level Medical Supplies in your inventory, Feed Pal with the Excessive disease you want to treat.

    You have a few different ways to do so:

    • Make sure every Friend assigned to your base has their bed. Friends without a bed will be stressed, putting them at a higher risk of falling ill. A comfortable bed is the best choice once you can create them.
    • If assigned as your base, approach the Pal and click the “Open Menu” key. Select “Feed” and choose medicine.
    • With your Friend in the party, summon it from its Pal Sphere. Open the Commands menu (default is “4” on PC) and select “Feeds”. Then, choose low-grade medical supplies as shown in the video below.

    After we supplied Tombat with Low Level Medical Supplies, the Overfull status disappeared. Video by Dot Esports

    How to prevent Overfull status effects in Palworld

    Like other diseases, the Overfull effect can be prevented if you keep your Friends happy. You can prevent your Friend from stress eating in several ways:

  • Make sure every Friend assigned to your base has their bed. Friends without a bed will be stressed, putting them at a higher risk of falling ill. A comfortable bed is the best choice once you can create them.
  • Build a hot spring for your friends to prevent their Sanity from dropping.
  • Always keep your Food Box fully stocked with food so your Friends never go hungry. You can automate this process using a food farm and a Friend who can transport items.
  • Consider adding Friends to your base with the Positive Thinker trait. This will cause the Morale of your active Friends to decrease 10% slower.
  • There are other conditions like Depression, Weakness, and Fractures that can be equally frustrating to deal with — as they all have different treatments and cures.

    So there you have it. You know everything you need to know about how to cure Overfull in Palworld. Good luck!