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How to create Oberon with Mazio in Persona 3 Reload

There are many Persona combinations you can make while playing Reload Persona 3and they require specific combinations. One of the things you’ll encounter earlier is Elizabeth’s request for you to be an Oberon with Mazio.

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Mazio is an Electric attack that Oberon can learn, dealing weak damage to all enemies with low shock potential. Tracking down the correct combination can take some time, and the only way to do this is to explore Tartarus and collect the right Persona. Here’s what you need to know about how to create Oberon with Mazio in Reload Persona 3.

How to complete Request Elizabeth 16: Emperor Oberon in Reload Persona 3

How to get Oberon in Persona 3 ReloadYou can combine two Personas together to create Oberon. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are many combinations you can make Reload Persona 3 where Oberon is the result. My favorite combination that you can make early is slime with one Ara Mitamawhich you will see on the previous floors immediately after receiving the request from Elizabeth.

If you’re having trouble finding Slime or Ara Mitama, there are some other combinations you can try in Reload Persona 3. These options include a slime with ZouchoutenOne Shade and Unicornthe Valkyrie And Onmorakior Valkyrie And Jack Frost. For anyone trying to unlock the King Frost fusion, catching Jack Frost on the first 100 floors of Tartarus would be a good idea, even if you do it once.

Once you get Oberon during your Persona download, the next step is to use it to learn Mazio. Thankfully, Oberon is not required to learn Mazio through Persona Fusion. Instead of, it learns this ability at level 17and if you use it repeatedly in combat while exploring Tartarus, it will learn Mazio on its own. You can return to Elizabeth with your reward.

Future requests from Elizabeth that have specific Persona combinations with certain attacks also follow the same rules. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can always give Mazio skill card if you picked one up during your trip to Tartarus. There’s a chance you can get this after completing a battle, and Disturbing time reward appears.

You will receive your reward after completing the request from Elizabeth. After each full moon, Elizabeth has a new set of requests for you to fulfill, so expect to visit her often as you get through the full moon. Reload Persona 3 Main story. You should always try to talk to Elizabeth at least once before entering the Velvet Room, mainly because we think she has some spectacular dialogue and it’s great to get the darker tone of the cast. main actor. You also want to make sure to check up on her to see if there’s any romance brewing between the two of you.