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How to create an ore farm in Palworld

Collecting resources is the core of by Palworld gameplay loop as weapons, buildings, and virtually every other item require collectible materials to craft and produce. Ore is one such material and one of the easiest ways to get a lot of material passively is Create an ore farm.

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Some materials such as wood and stone can be easily grown in Palworld However, by creating production structures like Logging Sites in your base, you can build no such option for Ore. If you want to collect a lot of Ore to refine into Ingots, you will need to collect it manually with your pickaxe or set up a custom Ore farm.

Palworld screenshot showing the difference between Stone on the left and Ore on the right.Ore deposits are larger than most rock piles and will have a distinct color. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

How to farm ore quickly in Palworld

Setting up a base in an area with Ore within its perimeter is essential if you want to farm it using your Friends. There are no Production structures that you can unlock and craft to produce Ore from scratch, so you must have a store of naturally spawned Ore within the perimeter of your base so your Friends can Easy access.

Here is the fastest way to farm ore in Palworld:

  • Upgrade your Palbox
    • You will probably want to have an entire base dedicated to the Ore farm. You can only build a second base when you Upgrade your Palbox to level 10.
  • Choose the right location:
    • Find a place where you can see a lot of Ore. This means you will always have nodes to farm. Place a new Palbox near all of them.
  • Mine ore using Pal with level 2 mining:
    • Use friends with Mining ability level 2 or higher in Suitability for their job, like Dumud, Penking, and Digtoise. They are the only ones who can crack ore mines and will aim to mine ore from naturally available ore.
  • Collect Ore using Transport Matched Friends:
    • There are some Friends whose Transportation is suitable for their Business. They will bring the Ore from the mining site to the place where you store it.
  • Ore storage:
    • Build a Wooden Chest at your base. This is where your Friends will transport collected Ore, keeping it all in one place.
  • Build appropriate infrastructure:
    • Good working conditions are essential at Palworld. Place a Pal Bed so your Friends have a place to sleep and keep their Sanity levels good.
    • Set up Berry plantation and food box. This way, your Friends won’t go hungry.
    • Add a hot spring. It will allow your Friends to automatically restore Sanity when it drops.
  • Growing food automatically:
    • Assign Friends to plant, water, and harvest to the extent appropriate to their job so that the entire process of planting, growing, harvesting, and moving berries into Food Boxes is automated.
  • In this well-oiled setup, your Mining Buddy is constantly working to mine Ore, while your Transporter Buddy brings the mined Ore straight to your storage, which can be as simple as Wooden chest. Meanwhile, Berry Plantation ensures a steady supply of food is always available in Food Boxes when your Friends get hungry. And whenever they need to rest or their Sanity begins to decline, Hot Springs will be ready.

    The Palworld base has a lot of ore.  The player is standing overlooking the base.Look at all the ore! Screenshot of Dot Esports

    When you are looking for a place to start your Ore Farm, look for an area with a lot of ore close together. I built my mine just west of the Beginning Plateau, right at coordinates 6, -528. At this location, you will always find six to eight ore nodes to collect. From there, create a Pal Box and set up a new base at that location—make sure the base’s blue border covers as much ore as possible before placing the Pal Box down. This will automate the Ore gathering process as long as you keep Friends with that Job Suitable trait active at base.

    Once you receive the Ore, you can create Furnace and use a Pal with the right Ability for the Kindling job, like Rooby or Arsox, to turn it into Ingots, which are important for crafting weapons and upgrades. If the Ore Farm is your second or third base and you want a Furnace in your main base, just make sure you can carry enough Ore from one place to another. Personally, I like having a Furnace in an Ore farm because an Ingot weighs more than an Ore, making it easier to move items to other bases.

    Best spots to passively farm ore

    Below are the coordinates of areas near the Starting Plateau that have many ore nodes to farm:

    • 6, -528in the arid region west of the Beginning Plateau.
    • 70, -400next to Deolate Curch.
    • -75, -318south of Cinnamoth Forest Great Eagle Statue.
    • -257, -362just west of the Thunder Dragon’s Sealed Realm

    Be sure to check out our guide to the best Palworld ore farm locations for more suggestions on where to set up your ore so far.

    The best friends for ore farms in Palworld

    In my experience, the best Friends to give your Ore farm to stay at Palworld to run it effectively is:

    • Two or three Digestto grow ore.
    • Two baseballfor harvesting and transportation.
    • One Breast residueto plant and grow ore.
    • One Bristlafor planting, harvesting and transportation.
    • One leprechaunfor watering and transportation.
    • One Arsoxif you have a Furnace.
    • One fakefor ore planting and watering.
    • Other support friends for extra transportation, like Vanwyrm, Hangyu, etc

    Remember, you can adjust this setting as you progress in Palworld. Later in the game, you’ll encounter Pals who are even better at carrying items than Lamball. But honestly, I decided on this setup mid-game and it worked great to get all the Ore I needed for crafting. If you are still early in the game, you can simplify things. Just try to combine Friends with similar work skills. One thing you really cannot ignore is yes Friends have an exploit level of at least level 2. They are the only essential part of the ore farm.