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How to craft Less Attack spells in WoW Classic

Less attacks is one of the most reliable early game enchantments that you can put on any of your weapons Classic World of Warcraft.

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While it’s not particularly flashy, the extra two damage you get when the Less Attack enchantment is applied to a weapon is one of the most reliable flat DPS boosts you can add your build when leveling up in the middle zone of the game. Classic WoW. To enchant a weapon with the Less Attack enchantment — which you can learn from any Enchantment trainer in a major city — you need to have an enchantment skill of at least 140.

This is What you need to create Lesser Striking IN Classic WoW.

Classic WoW enchanted: How to craft Enchant Weapons – Less attacks

A dead tree, home to the raptor Ishamuhale in WoW ClassicThe ingredients you need to create this enchantment are found relatively early in the WoW’s leveling journey. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To enchant your weapon with Lesser Striking, you will need three ingredients: Soul dust, large glittering shards, and a silver staff with runes on it.

Soul Dust can be obtained by enchanting uncommon (green) items in levels 20 to 30. Likewise, Large Sparkling Fragments can also be obtained from removes items of similar level, only of slightly higher rare (blue) quality. If you run enough dungeons and complete enough open world content, you’ll collect enough green and blue items to fill your inventory. Just take out a bunch of those and you’ll end up being sprayed with Soul Dust and big Glitter Shards.

We recommend running dungeons like Stockades, Deadmines, and even the Blackfathom Deeps raid during Discovery Season to get enough gear that you can decompose. As long as your inventory is filled with high-quality, level-appropriate equipment, you’ll be able to gather the necessary reagents to craft the Less Attack spell.