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How to craft and use the Pyrin Noct saddle in Palworld

Among the many Fire-type creatures in Palworld, Pyrin Noct may be one of the best options. It can deal a large amount of damage, is agile and Can even be a mount when equipped with a saddle.

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Pyrin Noct is easily one of the fastest land mounts in the Palworld but requires a bit of patience and perseverance to get. You can only find this Elusive Friend at night, and it’s only spotted near the large volcano in the southwest corner of the map. You’ll need some heat-resistant armor to withstand the burning fire, along with some Water-type Pal to deal enough damage to Pyrin Noct before capturing it.

You’ll then be able to unlock and craft the saddles needed to ride this fast-moving creature on your journey.

How to unlock and craft Pyrin Noct’s saddle in Palworld

Pyrin Noct's Paldeck page in Palworld.Ghostly. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Unlock Saddle by Purin Noctyou have to Reach level 33 in your Tech Tree and spend two Tech Points to get the recipe for this item. Once you unlock the recipe, you’ll need to collect these specific resources to craft a saddle in your Pal Gear Workbench:

  • 30 Skins
  • 36 Fiber
  • 24 Flame Organ
  • 18 embryos
  • 30 Paldium pieces

Luckily for players, all of these resources can be easily mined through regular friends moving around the map or through abundant resource mines found throughout the islands . However, you will need some time to collect these items, unless you have a specific farm for each item.

How to use the Pyrin Noct saddle in Palworld

After crafting the saddle, all you need is Grab it from the workbench and have Pyrin Noct in your active pool. Once you summon Pal into the world, Use its Partner Skill to jump on its back as a mount. When mounted on Pyrin Noct, its unique Partner Skill will also change your damage type to Dark, which will be useful against Neutral-type Friends.