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How to complete the Follow My Commands challenge in Phasmophobia

One of many weekly trials you can encounter while playing Phamophobia To be Follow my ordersThis is an extremely difficult challenge that focuses on trying to force the ghost to give you evidence.

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You can earn some pretty great rewards and achievements if you overcome this challenge, so here’s what you need to do to complete the Follow My Commands challenge in Phamophobia.

Table of contents

  • What is the Follow My Order challenge in Phasmophobia?
  • Challenge Rules Do as I command Phasmophobia
  • How to complete the weekly challenge Do as I command Phasmophobia
  • Phasmophobia Challenge Tips Do as I Command
    • Play with others
    • Check the truck camera
    • Consider trying a Ouija Board
    • Use night vision goggles
    • Go back and try again

What is the Follow My Order challenge in Phamophobia?

The Follow My Order challenge is one of the challenges phasmophobia Weekly testing by topic. The theme of this section means you have to work harder for the ghost to give you any evidence, but you’re given a great selection of equipment and tools to help.

Follow my orders Phamophobia challenge rules

Below are all the special rules and modifications you’ll want to know before attempting a Follow Command Phamophobia challenge.

  • Player rules
    • Speed: 100 percent
    • Morale: 100 percent
    • Sanity Restoration by Medicine: 50 percent
    • Equipment: All Tier III items
    • Missing equipment: None
  • Ghost rules
    • Speed: 100 percent
    • Evidence: Three
    • Hunting time: Low – 40 seconds
    • Grace period: Two seconds
  • Contract rules
    • Map: Sunny Meadows Mental Institution
    • Weather: Random
    • Fuse box: The boot is off but its location is marked on the map and you can follow it to turn it on.
    • Cursed Objects: All seven Cursed Objects are present on this map and can be found in the chapel.
    • Setup time: None
    • Doors: Some are starting to open.
    • Hiding places: Several

All Do as I Command challenge devices.All your equipment is elite. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to complete an order Follow my command Phamophobia weekly challenge

ARRIVE Complete the Follow My Commands challenge IN Phamophobiayou need to Identify the type of ghost on the Sunny Meadows Mental Institute map three times. After doing so, you’ll earn $5,000 in cash to spend and 5,000 experience to help you level up quickly.

Some Phamophobia Achievements are also based on completing weekly challenge modes, so depending on how many you successfully complete, you can unlock these as well.

Phamophobia Challenge Tips Follow my orders

If you’re having trouble completing the Follow My Commands weekly challenge, here are some tips to help you get through it.

Play with others

The hardest part of this challenge is that you have to complete it on Sunny Meadows Mental Institution, which is the most massive and confusing map in all of the game. Phamophobia. The Follow My Commands challenge will be a lot easier if you can Solve it with at least one other player because you can break down the work this way.

You can invite some friends to play or use the matchmaking feature to tackle this challenge. Either way, your odds of success in this test will be much higher.

Check the truck camera

Have eight cameras settings on this map when you load it in, so be sure Check them all out soon to see if you get lucky and spot any Ghost Orbs or doors that you may have closed but are now open. The odds of actually finding anything on these cameras are pretty low since they only target a few key points, but it’s definitely still worth checking just in case.

The truck camera recorded the chapel.You have a haunting view of the chapel from the truck. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Consider trying a Ouija Board

If you think you have what it takes to escape the cursed ghost hunt, you might want to give it a try Use a Ouija board directly ask the ghost where the ghost room is. The hardest part of this challenge is simply finding the ghost’s location, and the Ouija Board allows you to get instant answers at the cost of losing your sanity and immediately catching start a hunt.

As long as luck is on your side, the ghost room will probably be far enough away from the Ouija Board in the chapel that the cursed hunt that triggers it may not even reach you before the ghost gives up. This means you can easily explore the haunted room and return to the truck to restore your sanity.

Every time I do this challenge, I can ask the ghost where it is, get the answer, and wait by the front door until the hunt is over without ever seeing the ghost. As long as luck is on your side, you can easily do the same thing. Using Cursed Assets can be dangerous if you’re unlucky, but challenge mode is also exactly the place to try these items out since there’s nothing to lose.

Using Ouija Boards in Phasmophobia.You can directly ask ghosts where they are using this tool. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Use night vision goggles

The Level III version of the Head Gear is the Night Vision Goggles, which is an extremely useful tool that you should definitely take advantage of in this challenge. Use night vision goggles to see means you can leave the Flashlight and carry three useful items to collect evidence instead of having to waste an equipment slot on the Flashlight, which will help the investigation move faster much.

Remember to pay careful attention to your sanity when using them as it will drain much faster in the dark. You have four Sanity Potions to use, and each restores 50% sanity, so keeping it at a decent level shouldn’t be a problem.

Go back and try again

With the way contracts work PhamophobiaSome things will naturally be much easier than others, which means it’s always worth it Guess and retake the new contract to try this challenge again. You may be extremely unlucky with your first contract and have difficulty completing it, but the next contract may be much more favorable and easier to complete immediately.

For this reason, one of the best tips for the Follow My Commands challenge and one of the best tips to Phamophobia In general, keep trying until luck decides to be on your side.