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How to complete the Find Construction Tools quest in Enshrouded

Find built-in tools Cover not a challenging task but seems impossible since it is located in an inaccessible area. Luckily, once you unlock access, you just need to “go there and get the tools.” We’ll tell you how to complete the Find Built-In Tool quest protected.

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Before you perform the task Find Built-In Tools Cover

Task description of Enshrouded Construction Tool SearchSearch for Masonry tools. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Chances are you’ve been on this quest and know the general location but you can’t access this area because of the Deadly Shroud. So you need to do something about that first. Here’s everything you need before you can complete this quest:

  • Unlock Carpenter
  • Unlocks the Find Construction Tools quest
  • Upgrade the Altar to level three
  • Around level 15
  • Once you get your Altar to level three, you’ll be ready. The remaining requirements will come naturally, including level 15.

    Cover: How to complete the Find Construction Tools quest

    The Enshrouded map shows how to get from the Ancient Vault Farmer to the Pillars of Creation GateThe Road to the Pillars of Creation Gate

    To complete the quest Find Construction Tools in Cover, pass through the Gate to the Pillars of Creation. This has parts further west from Ancient Vault-Farmer, and there are a few enemies along the way. Once there, we recommend setting up a temporary Fire Altar up ahead in case you die next time.

    The encased figure stands before the Gateway to the Pillars of CreationDeadly Shroud ahead unless you have a level three Altar. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    When you reach the Pillars of Creation Gate, go through and follow the main path. Miss, you won’t be able to get through this section unless your Altar at least high shool because the Shroud will kill you in a matter of seconds.

    After passing through the Shroud, you will enter the Inner Sanctum. Here you have two choices.

    The enclosed figure stands in the inner SanctuaryCheesy or default. Up to you. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    • The default way is to go to the right and move through the crumbling temple using your Grappling Hook. It’s not too difficult and it won’t take you much time.
    • How cheesy it is features upgraded Gliders and double jumps and Take the left path. If you go this way, you’ll notice the path is blocked by a pile of rubble. Normally, you’ll turn around and go the right way, but if you’re feeling daring, use the Glider and glide around this point. You won’t get a perfect landing and can easily fall into the lava, which is why I used a double jump to get over it. This can be patched, so use it while you can.

    Construction tools are calling. Screenshot of Dot EsportsThey probably look better than they should under the circumstances. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Once you get through, follow the path up and you’ll come across an abandoned camp. You will notice Masonry tools immediately because of them will be bright red. Interact with them, collect them, and bring them back to the Carpenter.

    Done, enjoy Carpenter’s new crafts.