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How to Complete the Dessert Challenge in BitLife

IN BitLife’s Weekly challenge, Just Desserts, you have to complete several missions that make you question your morality or at least your character. Actually completing the Just Desserts challenge can be quite easy though.

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  • BitLife step-by-step guide: Just Desserts Challenge
    • 1) Born female
    • 2) Have two children with a married man
    • 3) Connect with your baby’s father
    • 4) Marry one of your child’s fathers
    • 5) Murder and classify your child’s father-in-law

BitLife: Step-by-step instructions Dessert Challenge

All tasks to complete the Just Desserts bitlife challengeThe first mission is the easiest. Image via BitLife

ARRIVE Complete the Just Desserts challenge in BitLifeThere are five missions you must complete and they include:

  • Born female.
  • Having children with two married men.
  • Connect with more than two young dads at least once.
  • Marry one of your child’s fathers.
  • Kill and sort your father-in-law and children.
  • Normally, when you commit a crime or murder, you go to jail. However, to kill your husband for this challenge, your best bet is yes exceptional criminal talent and killer tongue, a high-end item. But the latter is not necessary. Both will help ensure you can get away with killing your husband and then dismembering his body, which is a bit more gruesome than what we had to do in the Butcher Challenge.

    1) Born female

    Your first mission in the Just Desserts challenge is born female. This list doesn’t indicate whether you need to live in a specific location, such as in the Honey, Honey challenge, so choose whatever location works for you.

    If you already have a character, you can use that character to complete this challenge, as long as the character is female. But if not, you will need to create a new one and make sure she looks good and was ready for her life of crime when she was 18 years old.

    2) Have two children with a married man

    Once you character is 18, you will unlock Connection options inside Love menu, located in the Activities section. After doing so, it’s time to browse the dating section to find a married man. However, in this case, you need to find two. Once you have found your goal, you must have one one night stand with themand you Protection cannot be used. This is to increase the chances of your character having children with him. Once you have children, you must repeat this process to have them two children have two fathers.


    You must do the second quest before turning 40 because then your character enters menopause and cannot have children, and then all your efforts will be in vain.

    Another way to find a married man BitLife is to find a job, look at each male colleague’s profile and choose a connection option. On this page you will see their marital status. If they are married, you can date them.

    3) Connect with your baby’s father

    After completing the second mission, you will notice your children’s father is inside exes tab of the Relationships menu is “baby dads.” Choose one of these people to call and then choose Booty call select. They may reject you if you are not highly connected. If this happens, level up your relationship by spending time with them. Once you’ve spent the night with one baby daddy, have sex with the other.

    4) Marry one of your child’s fathers

    Now that you’re connected to your baby’s dad, you must decision Which of the two do you want to marry? Sometimes, they don’t want to get married if they already are, but you can convince them to divorce, date you, and then marry you. Or you can try another one.

    You can wait for them to propose to you, but you can also propose to them if you want to speed up the process. Then get married to move on to the final and most tortuous step.

    5) Murder and classify your child’s father-in-law

    In this ultimate challenge, you must Kill your character’s father-in-law. To destroy them you can find Killer tabs inside crime section your Activities. There are different ways you can kill them, such as Drive-By, Atomic Wedgie, or Elephant Laxative.

    I chose the Drive-By option, but the choice is really up to you. As soon as you have chosen your method, you must kill him. If successful, you can access it Sorting options from the Funeral menu. But if you fail, restart BitLife application and try again until you succeed.

    While completing the Just Desserts challenge, I received a notification that my character had a special talent for crime. So I unlocked the Mafia Jobs pack, which helped me complete this final mission. Once you have murdered your husband and had his body dismembered, you will have completed all five missions for the Just Desserts challenge in BitLife.