Blog - February 7, 2024

How to Complete Rogue Signal Public Event in CoD Warzone

You can find several deals and ways to earn rewards while playing Battlefield IN Call of duty. Rogue Signal, a Public Event, is a unique event where every player receives a notification.

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Rogue Signal’s public event is an opportunity for only a select few players to earn some rewards, and they need to fight for it. Because of how quickly events appear and disappear, it can be a bit confusing how to track them and what you need to do. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Rogue Signal Public Event in CoD War Zone.

What is the Rogue Signal public event in Warzone?

How to complete the Rogue Signal Public Event in WarzoneRogue Signal’s public event sends a general message to all players and the goals they need to complete. Screenshot of Dot Esports

When the Rogue Signal Public Event takes place, all players in Battlefield match has the opportunity to start working on it. Type goal you need to complete the changes every timeso remember to read what you need to focus on and be top three in your match to earn it.

Your goal could be to get the highest number of kills among all the teams, earn the most money, or unlock the most loot stores in the game. 90 seconds of Rogue Signal goes out. A timer appears on the right side of your screen, showing you how much time is left and an overall rating. Again, just top three teams the person with the highest score completing the objective can receive a Rogue Signal, while everyone else loses connection to the transmission in time Battlefield competition. You may want to make an effort to find a loot crate to carry your best weapons to defeat the other teams.

Those who don’t make the top three teams will miss out on Rogue Signal. However, those who do will receive a moderate amount of cash that they can spend to upgrade their arsenal during the match. Battlefield fit and location of one special reward caching, but this comes down to each of the top three teams. They must race to this location to mine rewards and special reward caches locked for the first 30 seconds. You may not want to be the first to reach it, but knowing where to go and protecting it should be your top priority.

Complete the Rogue Signal public event in Battlefield There’s no guarantee you can make it to the end of the match, but it will certainly make it easier for you and your teammates. You can expect to encounter a Rogue Signal Public Event appearing on Fortune’s Keep, which is an event Battlefield Revival game mode.