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How to change your party in Persona 3 Reloaded

IN Reload Persona 3, like most JRPGs, party selection is a key factor in determining your success or failure in battle. Therefore, you should regularly change your team to keep balance and ensure everyone gets promoted.

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You cannot change your team members anywhere or at any time within Reload Persona 3. There’s only one place you can do it, although there are two different ways. If you want to change your party, you must do so at the Tartarus entrance (also known as the Door to Tartarus) on the first floor of Tartarus (1st floor). And of course, that means you can only do it during the Dark Hour. You can’t do it outside of Tartarus, and you can’t do it on any other floor of Tartarus.

How to change party members at the inner Tartarus entrance Reload Persona 3

Add Junpei to the groupAt first I thought this would start a romance, but no. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The first way to change party membership in Reload Persona 3 is by talking to other characters at the entrance to Tartarus, although not every character you can talk to can be added to your party. If you want to add a character to your party, talk to that character and say, “Let’s go together.” If there is space in your party, that character will be added. If your party is full, you will be able to choose which character to change to.

If you want to remove a character from your party, talk to that character and say, “Go on standby now.” That character will be removed from your party but will remain in the lobby where you can still talk to them.

How to change team members in the inner menu Reload Persona 3

Party selection menuIt took me a long time before I discovered this trick to quickly change my team. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Faster, albeit less exciting, way to change your team in Reload Persona 3 is to press the Menu button (Triangle/Y) to open the menu, then select Statistics. On the Statistics screen, you can add or remove a character from your party simply by selecting that character and pressing Square/X.

Although you can open this screen at any time, the Party button only works when you are at the entrance to Tartarus. It also only applies to characters that can actually be party members, so you can’t add or remove Leaders or Navigators. Oddly, the game allows you to fill the party on this screen, but if you try to exit the screen with too many party members selected, you’ll be asked to eliminate one or two before you can exit.