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How to carry Elizabeth’s eponymous drink in Persona 3 Reload

IN Reload Persona 3, Elizabeth will have all kinds of requests. Most of the time, she will say exactly what she wants, but sometimes it can be a little more like a riddle. At one stage, Elizabeth will want a drink with the same name as hers. Here’s how to get one.

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Before you bring in the drink with the same name as Elizabeth Reload Persona 3

Elizabeth is standing in front of the velvet room with the main characterBuy Elizabeth a drink. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Here are all the things you need to do before you can actually complete Elizabeth’s latest difficult request in Reload Persona 3:

  • Have Charming in fifth place (Popular)
  • Move the story to August 8 (8/8)

You’ll get this request about halfway through Reload Persona 3 story. Around the time you can clear level 100 of Tartarus, Elizabeth will have new requests for you on June 6. Among them will be requests #56: Find a drink with my name on it. As you can imagine, you need to bring her a drink called “Elizabeth”.

Reload Persona 3: How to bring Elizabeth’s namesake drink

The main character is standing in front of Que Sera SeraYou are not graceful enough to handle all the trash outside. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You need to bring Elizabeth with you a bottle of “Queen Elizabeth”. You can buy this drink at Que Sera Sera bar in Suburban station. It’s the bar in the upper left corner of the street with the green sign. The bar is located in the basement of the building.

Unfortunately, to enter the bar, you Charm needs to be at least level five (Common). You would think that it takes courage to go into a bar with trash bags on top, but NO, you need to be charming enough to handle the trash.

Once you’re inside, buy a bottle of Queen Elizabeth and take it back to Elizabeth.

Reward for bringing in Elizabeth’s namesake drink Reload Persona 3

Your reward for bringing Queen Elizabeth to Elizabeth is one AS genetic material. You can use it to craft weapons and armor at Mayoido Antiques. It’s not a super rare material but you’ll likely find uses for it when crafting your gear.