Blog - February 7, 2024

How to Build a Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld

There are many items in Palworld needed to build your base and keep your Pals happy and healthy, and one of them is the Fluffy Pal Bed.

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Whatever your reason, here’s what you have to do to create your Friend’s dream bed. Palworld.

What effect does the Fluffy Pal bed have? Pal World?

The Fluffy Pal Bed is a basic item in Palworld allows your Friend to sleep and regain HP and sanity faster than a basic Straw Bed. It requires 100s of work to build.


Soft Pal beds and other bedding can support your Pal’s health and productivity. The Friend’s sanity is essential, but a lack of beds can also make the Friend sick.

How to unlock Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld

On that tech tree. Screenshot of Dot EsportsCreate a fancy bed. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Fluffy Pal Bed is unlocked in the Technology tree at level 24. You’ll unlock it later than planned, especially if you’re trying to level up your base to get more Friends to work with.

When upgrading your Palbox base, you will be tasked with building or crafting items on the Technology Tab. The more you do this and level up, the deeper you’ll need to go to the tech tab to successfully upgrade your Palbox base.

Once you reach level 24, however, it’s simple to use any Tech Points you have left over to unlock the ability to craft it. You can then open the build menu to find the Fluffy Pal Bed in the Infrastructure tab at the bottom of the wheel.

How to Build a Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld

To build the Fluffy Pal Bed, open the build menu and select it. As long as you have all the supplies you need, like fabric, nails, yarn, etc., you can place them within your base. The exact formula is as follows:

Fluffy Pal bed recipe:

  • 10 fabrics
  • 30 Wood
  • 5 nails
  • 10 strands

Once placed, your Friend will sleep on it instead of their old basic bed. Remove any extra beds to free up space for new instances, and make sure there’s enough space between Pal Beds for your creatures to fit on them.

Can you upgrade a straw bed to a plush bed?

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade straw beds to soft Pal beds. After unlocking the crafting recipe, you must build a brand new soft Pal bed on a flat ground. If more beds are needed, you can dismantle smaller beds or even move structures to ensure there is room for one, which proves crucial to Pal’s health and sanity. .


The other notable Pal bed is the large Pal bed, which you can unlock after reaching level 34. The large Pal bed is catered specifically for your much larger friends to lie on.

So there you have it. You know everything you need about building a Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld. Enjoy!