Blog - February 7, 2024

How to breed Univolt in Palworld

Fast and powerful, Univolt is one of the most reliable early game players Palworld You can have friends by your side as you explore the Palpagos Islands. For those who haven’t caught it yet, you can always breed your own Univolt on a breeding farm—here’s how.

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Breeding combinations for Univolt in Palworld

The player is viewing their Univolt in PalworldBreeding a Univolt. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Univolt supports a wide variety of internal breeding combinations PalworldBut here are some of the easiest to set up on your farm right now:

  • Cinnamon + Melpaca/Kingpaca/Celaray
  • Caprity/Eikthyrdeer/Lovander + Nitewing
  • Sweepa + Lovander/Caprity
  • Elizabee + Felbat/Galeclaw
  • Grizzbolt + Rooby
  • Mine + Rooby/Rushoar
  • Lyleen Noct + Wanking
  • Relaxaurus + Direhowl
  • Purin + Robinquil
  • Jormuntide Flame + Galeclaw
  • You can get most of these Pals very early in the game, so setting them up for breeding shouldn’t be a problem. Look for the ones I’ve highlighted, because those are the easiest ones you can try now. Note that the child Pal has a chance to inherit the parent Pal’s passive skills, so if you want to experiment, you can try harder combinations that can get you a stronger or more effective Univolt.

    To breed Univolt or any other Pal in Palworld, you need to assign two Friends of the opposite gender to the Breeding Farm and place a Chest containing Pastries nearby. Make sure one of the parents is male, and the other is female.

    Once the breeding process is complete, you will receive a large electric egg. Incubate it in the Incubator to get Univolt. You can also set a Campfire or use other ways to brew a fire faster.

    Univolt’s full location and statistics in Palworld

    For those who want to skip breeding and catch one, Univolt breeds in abundance Palworld. Here’s a heat map for you to follow.

    Univolt spawns in Palworld Univolt spawned. Screenshot of Dot Esports Univolt spawns in PalworldUnivolt spawned. Screenshot of Dot Esports Univolt spawns in PalworldUnivolt spawned. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Univolt is not difficult to catch. I caught mine with the Mega Sphere after dealing some damage. While this is a useful Pal for your base, I like to use it as transportation when I’m out exploring and fighting against Water Pals. While in base, it can harvest wood and generate electricity.

    • Element: Electricity
    • Drops: Skin, Electric Organ, Whistle
    • Food: 5/10
    • Partner Skill: Swift Deity – Ground mount. Deals electrical damage to the player’s attacks while mounted.
    • Suitable for work: Primary logging, Secondary electricity generation