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How to breed Jormuntide in Palworld

Jormuntide is a giant sea snake Pal that is very rare in the wild Palworld. Conveniently, with a little cake and a little privacy, you don’t have to see a thing in real life to add it to your Palbox.

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There are thousands of possible breeding combinations Palworld, and the system may take some getting used to. Although they are not obvious or intuitive, there are dozens of different breeding combinations that will give you a Jormuntide egg.

How to breed Jormuntide eggs in Palworld

Screenshot of Mossanda Lux and Pyrin Noct on the livestock farm in Palworld.Now we wait. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Jormuntide breeding complexes in Palworld very rich, but the best is Nitewing and Helzephry because you can get these two Pals relatively early in the game.

As stated above, there are over 100 different combinations that will produce Jormuntide eggs, and below is a list of combinations you can use to ensure Jormuntide is in your Palbox.

Now, since there are so many different Friends in this game, continuing to try combinations until you reach Jormuntide would be an almost fruitless task, so here’s a list of all all of you combined to breed Jormuntide IN Palworld.

Parent OneParent TwoAnubisSuzakuAnubisShadowbeakIncineramSuzaku AquaIncineram NoctSuzakuIncineram NoctSuzaku AquaGrizzboltNitewingGrizzboltSweepaJormuntideJormuntideJormuntideJormuntide IgnisJormuntideReptyroJormuntideMammorestJormuntide IgnisMammorestSuzakuSurfentPyrin LyleenPyrinRelaxauru s LuxPyrinMenast ingPyrin NoctFalerisPyrin NoctMossanda LuxPyrin NoctRagnahawkElphidranJetragonElphidranPaladiusElphidranNecromusElphidran AquaFrostallion NoctElphidran AquaJetragonElphidran AquaPaladiusCryolinxAzurobeCryolinxWumpo BotanCryolinxCinnamothSurfentShadowbeakSurfentNecromusSurf ent TerraShadowbeakSurfent TerraPal adiusSurfent TerraNecromusReptyroMammorestReptyroMammorest CrystIce ReptyroMossanda LuxIce ReptyroRagnahawkRelaxaurusWarsectRelaxaurusQuivernRelaxaurusElizabeeRelaxaurus LuxWarsectRelaxaurus LuxQuivernVanwyrm CrystBlazamutFrostallionGrintaleFrostallionCinnamoth Frost KingpacaJetragonPenkingKingpacaOrserkI ce KingpacaHelzephyrSweepaBeakonQuivernMenastingCinnamothOrserk

If you can’t spin any of these combinations, use the instructions linked on each Friend name to help you. The egg from which Jormuntide will hatch is one Giant black eggThis will take approx two hours to brew. Luckily, you can speed up the incubation process if you want your Jormuntide to get out and grow quickly.

Palworld Explain livestock combination

Palworld screenshot showing a giant dragon egg being incubated in Palworld.I wonder what’s inside…Screenshot by Dot Esports Author’s note

It took me a lot of time to master how livestock farming works Palworld. At no time was I more confused than when I bred Katress to Wixen and hatched Caprity. After the same combination yielded the same result two more times, all was successful.

If both parents are Pal, you will get an egg that hatches one third of that type. Direhowl combined with Direhowl always produces Direhowl.

When you pair two different Friends, such as Katress and Wixen, the resulting Friend is completely meaningless—but it’s consistent. This means that once you find a winning combination, you can always count on it.