Blog - February 2, 2024

How to breed Helzephyr in Palworld

If you find it difficult to catch Helzephyr in Palworld, Don’t worry. You can always use the game’s mysterious breeding system to create one from the comfort of your base. Here’s how you can breed Helzephyr in Palworld.

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How to breed Helzephyr in Palworld

A Palworld player stands near HelzephyrHelzephyr, anyone? Screenshot of Dot Esports

Lots of breeding combinations in Palworld leads to Helzephyr and you can use any of them, depending on what Pals you have. Below are some of the best breeding combinations you can try to get Helzephyr Palworld:

  • Suzaku + Elizabee
  • Grizzbolt + Astegon
  • I’m trying Noct + Cryolinx
  • Mammorest + Shadowbeak
  • Lyleen + Orserk
  • Menstruation + Orserk
  • Jetragon + Menstruation
  • Jormuntide Fire + Suzaku
  • Suzaku Aqua + Faleris
  • I’m trying Noct + Cryolinx
  • To breed two Pals, you must assign them to the Livestock Farm and place Pies in the chest. Take any pair above and breed them as mentioned to get Black Eggs. Finally, hatch the eggs to get Helzephyr. You can place a Campfire near the Incubator to keep it warm and speed up the incubation process, or use other ways to incubate eggs faster.

    Full Helzephyr stats in Palworld

    If not breeding it, Helzephyr can be found in the areas marked above Palworld map as shown below.

    Helzephyr's habitat in PalworldHelzephyr’s habitat. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Armed with Mega and if possible, Giga Spheres, you can visit these locations for your chance of finding one. Visit at night as Helzephyr is a Dark-type Pal and has the highest chance of spawning during late hours. Use Dragon Pal against it, taking advantage of its weakness to Dragon moves. Helzephyr is not a useful Friend for your farm, but is certainly a great and powerful flying mount against Neutral Friends.

    • Element: Darkness
    • Drops: Venom Gland, Medium Pal Soul
    • Food: 8/10
    • Team Skill: Death Wings—Flying Mount. Increases the player’s attack moderately and changes the player’s damage type to Dark when Helzphyr is attached.
    • Suitable for the job: Transport Lv. 3