Blog - February 1, 2024

How to breed Frostallion in Palworld

One of the rare legendary creatures in the world Palworld, rime is a highly sought after Pal breed that can be found in the wild and bred for your growing collection.

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When you finally capture Frostallion, it will be your team’s crown jewel as you traverse the vast expanse of the Palpagos Archipelago. It can only be found in one location in the snowy tundra in the northwest of the map and is one of the hardest Alpha Pals to catch at level 50. You will need to bring Cold Resistant Armor, weapons Heavy and powerful firepower -type Pals to ensure your success.

If you’re not trying to constantly fight Frostallion to capture it, there’s only one surefire way to breed this powerful Pal in the comfort of your own base.

How to breed Frostallion eggs in Palworld

Map showing the location of Pal, Frostallion in PalworldBrave the cold for a chance at greatness. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Unlike normal Friends found abundantly in the wild, Legendary creatures cannot be created by combining two random creatures together. The result is a Frostallion egg Can only be bred by joining two Frostallions together. This means you will need to capture this juggler twice, before you can avoid the fight altogether by having two Frostallions consort captured at your Breeding Barn.

After breeding another Frostallion, you can also use them to create rare Fusion Friends like the Frostallion Noct, which can be created by breeding a Frostallion with a normal Helzephyr. They can also be bred with other Pals to create high-level Pals such as Suzaku, Azurobe and Jormuntide. However, I will continue to make more Frostallions as they are much harder to come across and capture than other Friends.

Once you’ve purchased the Frostallion egg, don’t forget to incubate it at your base. You can also speed up the eggs’ hatching by adjusting the temperature around the incubator, whether it’s taking the needed Pal to work or moving it to another area.