Blog - February 2, 2024

How to breed Foxcicle in Palworld

Foxcicle is one of several Fox-like Friends you can meet in Palworld. It’s not the best in your base, but it can be strong in combat. However, Foxcicle may not be the easiest Friend to have as you are unlikely to come across one by chance.

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You will only find Foxcicles in a small area of ​​the map, near the Tower of the League of Friends of Freedom. If you don’t want to venture too far in by Palworld wild, you can also get a Foxcicle through breeding, which is unlocked at level 19. You need to spend Tech Points to get a Breeding Farm, build an Incubator, and stock up on Cakes to breed for My friends. Here’s how to breed a Foxcicle in Palworld.

How to get Foxcicle Eggs in Palworld

Foxcicle's Paldeck page in PalworldIce queen. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are two ways to get Foxcicle from Clear Egg Palworld: Using a combination of Friends has a 100% chance of creating a Foxcicle Egg or finding a Large Frozen Egg and getting lucky.

You have a one in six chance of getting a Foxcicle from a Large Frozen Egg, as they can also hatch into the other Friends: Sweepa, Vanwyrm Cryst, Sibelyx, Cryolinx and Wumpo. So if you’re interested in any of these Friends too, go out hunting for Large Frozen Eggs.

However, if you want a guaranteed Foxcicle, here are all eight Pal combinations you can choose to breed:

  • Caprity and Incineram
  • Goblin and Mossanda
  • Rushoar and Sweepa
  • Goblins Ignis and Mossanda
  • Gobfin Ignis and Nitewing
  • Woolipop and Elizabee
  • Rooby and Pyrin

Foxcicle statistics in Palworld

  • Element: Stone
  • Partner skills: A guide to the aurora borealis
    • “When in a team, increases the attack power of Ice friends.”
  • Job compatibility: Second level cooling
  • Potential drops: Skin, Organ ice
  • Starvation: March 10

Foxcicle isn’t very useful in your base, but it won’t consume too much food. Foxcicle works best in a team with a lot of Ice Pals thanks to its Companion Skill.