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How to breed Fenglope in Palworld

Every friend you meet Palworld good at something and most of them excel at many tasks. Some of the most useful Pals are mounts like Orchidhelps you get around the world much faster.

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Whether you just want this Friend to mark an unlocked item in your Paldeck or you’re hoping to unlock one of the best mounts the Palpagos Islands have to offer, here it is How can you raise a Fenglope for yourself? Palworld.

How to get a Fenglope egg in Palworld

Orchid bloom from one Regular eggs you can Use many different breeding combinations IN Palworld. Hundreds of different breeding combinations work to create an egg that will hatch, which makes unlocking quite easy as long as you have the right Friends and tools at your disposal.

The combination I chose to breed Fenglope was Direhowl and Melpaca as this was the easiest for me of the available options. Others the easiest breeding combination you can use to get Fenglope as follows.

  • Bench And lizard
  • vixy And Bench
  • Melpaca And howls
  • howls And Mozzarella
  • Kingpaca And baseball
  • baseball And cinnamon
  • cinnamon And Bad
  • Foxparks And Surf
  • leprechaun And Celeray
  • Surf And spark

Fenglope's Paldeck page in Palworld.That’s a pretty impressive Pal. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To start the breeding process in Palworld To unlock Fenglope, you need:

  • Unlock Farmavailable to spend Tech Points at level 19 of the Tech Tree.
  • Cook one Cakecan be made with 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs and 2 Honey.
  • Appoint a boy friend and a girlfriend from the previously mentioned combinations comes the Livestock Farm.

You will end up with one Regular eggs Use any of these breeding combinations and once you hatch the egg, the Fenglope page on your Paldeck will officially unlock when this Friend joins your list. This makes it one of the easier Pals you can breed as it is guaranteed with the right combination, whereas many other Pals are more of a luck-based process.

If you don’t want to breed but still want to unlock Fenglope, you can also consider accessing the Alpha Pal version of Fenglope to tackle this boss fight. You can fight it, mainly using a Dark-type Pal if you want to be as effective as possible, then use Pal Sphere to capture it instead of eliminating it.

The player is caressing Fenglope.This is one of my favorite ground mounts. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Fenglope statistics in Palworld

The best aspect of Fenglope by far is its status as one of the best ground mounts you can get as it is extremely fast and can double jump. But it also has some other solid stats, so here’s a full breakdown of all the information you need to know about the Fenglope that’s now part of your Paldeck.

  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner skills: Wind and clouds
    • “It can be ridden. Can double jump while riding a horse.”
  • Job compatibility: Second level logging
  • Potential drops:
  • Starvation: 6/10
  • Biology: “In the past, its beautiful shape was a common image in paintings. As time passed, its beautiful plumage and horn were often seen in works of art.”