Blog - February 2, 2024

How to breed Felbat in Palworld

Felbat is not an easy Pal to join Palworld, so breeding is your best bet to get it early. It’s a powerful Shadow creature that’s as useful in team combat as it is in your base.

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If you didn’t get Felbat through breeding, you can encounter it in the Mountain Stream Grotto dungeon. They are level 23, similar to the Felbat boss you can challenge. But if you hatch a Felbat from an Egg, you can get it as soon as you reach level 19, after unlocking breeding.

It takes some time and effort to build a spawnable facility, but it’s worth it. At level 19, you can spend Tech Points to get the Livestock Farm recipe. You also need Cake to start the breeding process and an Incubator to hatch the eggs. Here’s how to get Felbat through internal breeding Palworld.

How to get Felbat Eggs in Palworld

Felbat's Paldeck page in Palworld.Pay attention to the canines. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

There are eight Friend combinations you can breed to include Felbat Palworld, so chances are high that you already have the Friends needed to get the Egg. Here is the list:

  • Rooby and Celaray
  • Chikipi and Penking
  • Penking and Teafant
  • Rushoar and Celaray
  • Rushoar and Melpaca
  • Lifmunk and Incineram
  • Penking and Mau
  • Felbat and Felbat

Instead of combining special Pals to breed this Pal, you can also try getting it from Black Eggs. It’s a long shot, because you can get quite a few Dark-type Pals from Black Eggs, but you should grab them whenever you see them if you want to get your hands on Felbat.

Felbat statistics in Palworld

Felbat is strong both in combat and when working at your base. Here are the full stats on Felbat in Palworld:

  • Element: Dark
  • Partner skills: Stolen life
    • “While fighting together, grants the player and Felbat a lifesteal effect that absorbs some damage received and restores HP.”
  • Job compatibility: Production of tertiary drugs
  • Potential drops: Fabric, your little soul
  • Starvation: 5/10