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How to breed Blazehowl Noct in Palworld

If you are looking to hatch one Blazehowl night from an egg, you need to know How to breed Blazehowl Noct.

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For a guaranteed method, you can use one Breeding pen to get an egg that will surely hatch into Blazehowl Noct. We have the details you need for the correct method.

How to get the Blazehowl Noct egg in Palworld

To incubate Blazehowl Noct from a clear egg Palworld, There are only two pairs of varieties you can use: howls And Felbat or Blazehowl night And Blazehowl night.

The howls And Felbat The breeding method is the easiest for players to complete as it does not require Blazehowl Noct to breed.

If you get lucky in Palworld, you can hatch a Blazehowl Noct from a giant burnt egg, but you’ll have to rely on RNG.

  • If you need Blazehowl to breed, they can be found in abundance around the volcano complex.
  • However, there is only one known location where you can catch it Felbat and must capture Boss Alpha level 23.

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Alternatively, you can breed two Blazehowl Nocts of opposite sex together receive the Blazehowl Noct egg. Of course, this requires having at least two Blazehowl Nocts in your collection, but they can be found at night on the volcano biome.

As usual, when it comes to livestock farming Palworld, make sure you have plenty of Cakes to breed and an Incubator on hand—and remember, there are ways to speed up the Hatching process so you get your new Friend faster.