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How to breed Azurobe in Palworld

Azurobe is a stylish mount Palworldand it also has a number of other uses that make adding it to your Pals stable as soon as possible a top priority.

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Breeding is a great way to get the best version of the Water and Dragon Pal in Palworld, especially if you don’t want to risk being labeled ‘Wanted’ by entering the Pal Sanctuary to capture Azurobe there. This is also a great way to get a Passive Skill you like because it’s randomly assigned. Here’s how to breed Azurobe in Palworld.

How to get Azurobe Eggs in Palworld

Azurobe's Paldeck page in Palworld.Majestic. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can get Azurobe Eggs through specific combinations of Pals that you can breed. To do that, you need to build a Farm, an Egg Incubator, and a Cake to do it. Below is a list of possible breeding combinations to obtain Azurobe:

  • Bench And cinnamon, Kingpacaor Wumpo Botany
  • Celaray And Cryolinx, Orserkor rime
  • Mozzarella And Paladius, Frostalion Nightor jet plane
  • Moss sand And I was cremated that night, Surfor Anubis
  • Mossanda Lux And Vanwyrm crystal
  • ability And shadow mine, Paladiusor caseation
  • Melpaca And rime or Frostalion Night
  • Eikthyrderer And Paladius, caseationor jet plane
  • Eikthyrderer Terra And Frostalion Night or jet plane
  • spider wings And incinerator, I was cremated that nightor Anubis
  • incinerator And To scan
  • I was cremated that night And To scan
  • Cinnamon And there are many grits or Azurobe
  • Arsox And Beacon, Grizzboltor Lyleen Noct
  • fake And Frostalion Night
  • full moon And suzaku or shadow mine
  • Robinquill Terra And Blazamut
  • Elizabee And unit or Blazehowl night
  • there are many grits And Azurobe or Wumpo Botany
  • Chilli And Helzphyr, Grizzboltor Lyleen Noct
  • unit And reptile, Jormuntideor The Flame of Jormunts
  • Foxcicle And Purin Night, Ice reptileor Lyleen
  • I’m her And Bush
  • Purin Night And overthrow
  • Recycling And Cryolinx or rime
  • Stingray hunting dog And Lux relaxes, Periodor Lyleen
  • dinosaur And Helzphyr
  • dinosaur Lux And Helzphyr or Grizzbolt
  • Surf And Sibelych or Kingpaca ice
  • Surf Terra And Sibelych, Kingpaca iceor Wumpo
  • Digest And Astagon or Orserk
  • overthrow And Period or Lyleen
  • Promise And suzaku, shadow mineor caseation
  • Vanwyrm And Warsect or tremble
  • Vanwyrm crystal And Ragnahawk or Faleris
  • Bush And tremble or Faleris
  • Beacon And petal
  • Katress And Breast residue, largest crystalor Jormuntide
  • Verdash And Blazamut
  • Sibelych And in Elphidra
  • in Elphidra And Kingpaca or Wumpo
  • Elphidran Aqua And Kingpaca, Wumpo or Wumpo Botany
  • Cryolinx And bronchial
  • howls And relax, Breast residueor Breast residue crystals
  • Blazehowl night And reptile or Warsect
  • bronchial And Astagon or Orserk
  • Bronchi Aqua And Astagon
  • petal And Ice reptile or Lyleen Noct
  • Kingpaca ice And Anubis
  • Orchid And Blazamut or Suzaku Aqua
  • Azurobe And Azurobe

After receiving the Azurobe Egg, you can also speed up the process by caring for it and keeping it at the right temperature before hatching.

All Azurobe stats in Palworld

The Azurobe is primarily sought after as an underwater mount. But it’s also good in combat, with its dual style. Here are its statistics and key factors:

  • Element: Water and Dragon
  • Partner skills: Water wing dance
    • “Significantly increases the player’s attack power and changes the player’s damage type to Water when riding Azurobe.”
  • Job compatibility: Watering level three
  • Drops may occur: Leather, Fiber, Pal Liquid, Paldium flakes, Fabric