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How to breed Anubis in Palworld

Anubis is a difficult Pal to keep up with Palworld. It appears as a level 47 boss in the central desert, making it a difficult fight with a low capture rate. But you can breed Anubis from two other Pals to get it early, which is much easier.

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To fill out a complete Paldeck, you need to catch the most difficult Paldecks in Palworld—we’re thinking along the lines of Astegon, Quivern, and Anubis.

Anubis looks cool, its job skills are all high-level stats, and it’s an effective Friend to stand by your side in the face of danger. If you want to add Egyptian-inspired creatures to your ranks before reaching the end-game content, here’s how to do it.

How to breed Anubis eggs in Palworld

Palworld screenshot showing the player character incubating an Anubis egg.You have many options. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To breed your own Anubis Eggs in Palworldyou need to find two compatible Friends to create Anubis Eggs with, place them in the Breeding Farm in one of your base locations, wait for the eggs to spawn, and then place the item in the Egg Incubator—until it appear. finally bloom and created Anubis.

  • Element: Land
  • Partner skills: Guardian of the desert
  • Job compatibility: Craft work level four, Transport level two, Mining level three
  • Drops may occur: Bones, Big Pal Soul, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Starvation: June 10

Anubis breeding combo in Palworld

Below are many of the known ones Palworld The cross-breeding combination will create Anubis, and we will continue to update this list as we learn more:

  • Arsox And I’m her
  • bronchial And relax
  • ability And Beacon
  • Celeray And Period
  • Eikthyrderer And Beacon
  • leprechaun And suzaku
  • incinerator And Surf
  • Kitsun And Jormuntide
  • Moss sand And Katress
  • spider wings And Stingray hunting dog
  • Bench And Bush
  • tremble And Chilli
  • Ragnahawk And overthrow
  • Peak And Suzaku Aqua

There are many breeding combinations you can use to get a Giant Stone Egg with Anubis inside. The gender of each Pal does not affect the outcome of the offspring as long as you are using a total of one male and one female, so if you find a Pal that will help create Anubis, be sure to grab it.

How to create a livestock farm

You can unlock the Livestock Farm Blueprints from your Tech Tree once achieved level 19. Once you’ve done that, you need 100 Wood, 20 Stone, and 50 Fiber to craft one.

You can now craft a Breeding Farm, use one of the breeding combinations above to put in a Breeding Farm, give them Cake and wait for the eggs.

How to incubate eggs

After getting the eggs, put them in the incubator to incubate. How long it takes depends on your settings. It can be extremely fast or up to 72 hours on Hard. If you choose custom settings, it can even take up to 240 hours if you adjust the time to incubate the Giant Egg. Regardless of incubation time, you will likely spend fewer resources breeding Anubis than catching it in the wild, so this is a great alternative.

The Anubis you hatch starts at level one, so you have to level it up. The fastest way to do this is to keep it in your Party.

Anubis is a great fit for the Ore Farm because it has an incredible Mining ability (level three) and is good at Transportation (level two), handling both getting the Ore and getting it into storage. Or, place it in a base that requires a lot of Handiwork. Anubis is one of the few Pals with the highest level Handiwork (level four). In fact, it’s the best you can find right now.

Best passive skill for Anubis in Palworld

Some players are looking to get the most powerful Friends imaginable. If this is you, you’ll want to breed Anubis with the best Passive Skills possible.

Passive skillsFunctionArtisanIncrease working speed by 50%FerociousIncrease attack by 20%Earth EmperorIncrease ground attack damage by 20%

Artisan, Ferocous, and Earth Emperor are the best passive skills for a well-rounded Anubis build. If you want to focus on specific stats like Working Speed, you can add the Working Slave skill to this list or try to let your Anubis inherit the Working Speed ​​skills different from its parents. Passive Skills like Legend or Luck are other great Passive Skills inherited by Parent Friends.

Now you know how to breed Anubis in PalworldIt’s time to get out there and meet some of the Friends listed above.