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How to best build a Paladin in Enshrouded

You have complete freedom to choose how your character operates in CoverSo much so that you can even go beyond the basic classes to try out the Paladin build.

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Cover There are 12 different classes to choose from, each complete with a variety of skills, stats, and equipment. Paladin is an incredibly complex role to build, so here’s how to create one how to build the best Paladin in Cover.

Cover How to build the best Paladin

Paladin is not one of the 12 official classes Cover, but there is some specific gear designed for this role, meaning you can still achieve a Paladin-style build through multiclassing within other classes. Since the Paladin class does not officially exist, building a strong build carefully is extremely important if you want to play as a true Paladin.

A player is running under a bridge.Becoming a Paladin will help you achieve much success in Embervale. Image via Keen Games

Best Paladin skill in Cover

Since you don’t have an actual designated Paladin skill tree to choose from, you’ll essentially be using both blue, which are intelligence-based classes, and red, which are strength-based classes , to create a powerful skill. Paladin Construction. The following is Best Paladin skills select.

  • blink of an eye
    • Cost: Four points
    • Effect: Swap your normal dodge attack for a short-range teleport move.
  • Blink attack
    • Cost: Two points
    • Effect: When you blink at an opponent, an explosion that deals fire damage is triggered.
  • Blink urgently
    • Cost: Two points
    • Effect: Gives you the ability to Blink even when stunned.
  • The battle heals
    • Cost: Three points
    • Effect: When you deal damage with a melee weapon, 5% of your maximum health is restored.
  • Complex deviation
    • Cost: Two points
    • Effect: When you successfully block an attack, you receive 20 mana.
  • Water aura
    • Cost: Three points
    • Effect: All players within 15 meters will heal a specific amount of health based on your Intelligence. An amount of health is restored for every two points of Intelligence.
  • The attack is merciless
    • Cost: Two points
    • Effect: Unlocks the ability to perform powerful attacks, dealing high damage to opponents you overwhelm.

While these are generally the best skills, you can easily go deeper into dealing damage or healing with magic if you prefer a Paladin build that leans one way or the other. Either way, you’ll still be a very powerful and versatile force, so feel free to personalize your build to suit your desired play style.

Layer tree with red and blue layers highlighted.Focus on the red and blue classes when choosing Paladin skills. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Remix by Kacee Fay

Best Paladin stats in Cover

To become a successful Paladin, you want to Prioritize Constitution, Intelligence, and Strength are your main three statistics. As you select skills in the skill tree, you’ll come across specific skills that raise all three of these statistics, so remember to level these up from time to time while also catching the good ones most mentioned previously.

The best Paladin armor set in Cover

Although Paladin is not an official class Coverhas a power Radiant Paladin armor setThat’s not surprising The best armor you can use to build a Paladin.

GiapStatisticsSpecial effectsRadiant Paladin Helmet Magic resistance – 28
Physical Resistance – 42 + 15% melee critical strike chance Radiant Paladin Armor Plate Magic Resistance – 56
Physical resistance – 113+240 health
+24 stamina Radiant Paladin GlovesMagical Resistance – 14
Physical Resistance – 28 + Two percent damage to melee opponents Radiant Paladin Pants Magic Resistance – 28
Physical Resistance – 70+Two heals
+90 health Radiant Paladin Boots Magic resistance – 14
Physical Resistance – 28+4 health regeneration
-120 reduced health waiting time The Radiant Paladin's chestplate is covered in Enshrouded.It’s quite a powerful device. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Best Paladin Weapons in Cover

To maximize the power of your Paladin build, you need to use some of the best weapons in the game Coverwhich essentially means Choose melee or magic weapons for a Paladin build. Since the Paladin is a unique magic and melee combination of a class, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to weapon selection, but the strongest overall choices are as follows.

weaponsTypeLuminous WandJezmina’s Apotheosis WandAxeShroud WeaverStaffLightforged AxAxe

While it’s not a top choice overall, a good early-game choice for the Paladin is the Wailing Blade, a very solid and easy to obtain Legendary weapon. You may also want to get some variety shield or ward, such as Light Shield or Phantom Eye to further enhance your Paladin build. The guards you choose are a lot more flexible than your weapons and should be chosen based on what fits best with the rest of your build.