Blog - February 4, 2024

How to assign objects in Elder Scrolls: Castles

Elder Scroll: Castle allowing you to lead your citizens to maintain your self-built castle. These citizens are called objectand they can perform many different tasks for your kingdom.

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Most of the tasks your object can perform in the game are to produce the resources you need, such as food, oil, wood, etc. But be careful: your object has unique characteristics. unique traits and characteristics, and it’s best to evaluate where they can be assigned to keep them happy.

What is the topic in Elder Scroll: Castle?

Ghornag gro-Shaga, a theme, as an on-screen card in Elder Scrolls: Castles.One subject could be your chef. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Subjects are these citizens you control IN Elder Scroll: Castle. They sleep, eat and do daily tasks to maintain your kingdom, especially in Generate resources that you need to spend to create more premium resources and keep your audience happy.

Make your target angry possible cause problems in your castleThis can sometimes lead to your subjects killing each other if the problem becomes too serious.

How to assign subjects in Elder Scroll: Castle

A theme in Elder Scrolls: CastlesYou can drag your objects to assign them to locations. Screenshot via Dot Esports

There are two ways to assign objects in the game. First is because Click and drag your subject to the part of the castle where you want to assign them.

The second way is to click on one of the locations in your castle and select the Assign option. You can do this by selecting one of the available locations on the place’s card. Once done, you can choose the topic you want to assign by looking through your topic tags.