Blog - February 7, 2024

How long is the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo?

It doesn’t matter if you skip 2020 Final Fantasy Remake or if the franchise has just caught your attention: one Final Fantasy 7 reborn The demo is here and it’s quite generous.

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You asked for it, asked for it, and yes, it’s finally happened—a completely playable game Final Fantasy 7 reborn Demo available now. It explores Nibelheim’s section FF7and you can even play as the iconic Sephiroth.

After an exclusive look at the Final Fantasy 7 reborn, thanks to Sony’s State of Play presentation on February 6, a demo has been released. We know exploring the outer reaches of Midgar will make the game extremely long, so how long is the demo and is it worth your time?

Final Fantasy 7 reborn demo length

sephiroth in the rebirth of Final Fantasy 7Expect Sephiroth to play a huge role in FF7 reborn. Image via Square Enix.

You should get it 90 minutes to two hours get out Final Fantasy 7 reborn experiment.

Ultimately, runtime will be determined by your approach, how careful you are, how much you want to appreciate every detail, and whether you want to hear all of the recorded dialogue.

The FF7 reborn The demo is quite long but pales in comparison to the overall length of the entire game. Also, it doesn’t spoil anything, as the events in Nibelheim were first mentioned in Final Fantasy 7 remake.

An interesting detail to note is that the demo will expand further. At a special State of Play event, Square Enix revealed that from now on Final Fantasy 7 rebornIts full release date will be Add more content to the demo as Junon content.

So stay tuned for updates FF7 reborn demo, try it out for yourself and see the trophy list for FF7 rebornas well as how to preload.