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How does damage limitation work in Granblue Fantasy: Relink?

Limit damage in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking ensures that no character can deal too much damage, preventing players from overcoming challenging missions. This encourages you to build a balanced team, as you have to distribute resources across a group of characters instead of focusing on a single hero.

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What does damage limitation mean in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Screenshot of Percival using the skill on Sir Barold during practice.You can do a lot of damage but not everyone has nuclear weapons. Screenshot of Dot Esports

IN Granblue Fantasy: RelinkingThe damage limit is the highest amount of damage a given move can inflict on an enemy each time it is used. Once a move reaches this limit, even if you gain more power through traits like Attack, Critical Damage, or Miner, the damage will not increase for that specific move. Each move has its own damage limit, so there’s no limit that applies to everything. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know when you’ve reached your damage limit.

The best sign that you’ve reached your damage limit is if your attacks consistently deal the same amount of damage in every situation. If you don’t have any damage limit modifiers, these values ​​usually end in several nines, such as 9,999 and 4,999.

Hitting the damage cap becomes more common the further you get in the game, especially with level 100 characters, end-game weapons, and Special Signs. Things are also easier with characters known for their strong skills and powerful attacks, like Percival and Id.

Every time I move in Link again has limited damage, from normal attacks to Skybound Arts.

How to increase and exceed damage limits

Screenshot of Percival's DMG Cap trait in Granblue Fantasy Relink.An easy way to go over the limit. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Increasing your character’s strength will not help you overcome the internal damage limit Granblue Fantasy: Relinking. The real game changers are specific Signs, Weapons, and Skills that increase your damage limit or deal additional damage. Here’s what can help you overcome the damage limit:

  • signal that changes the maximum damage you can deal.
    • DMG helmet markings (there’s even a name called “Damage Helmet.”)
    • Indication for additional damage.
    • Scroll of Die Sigil.
  • Terminal weapon, equipped with the DMG Cap feature. These are items found from the quest The Tale of Bahamut’s Rage, from the game’s highest difficulty level, Proud, and suggest organizing a PWR party of 17,500.
  • An additional damage buff, which you can activate during combat through specific skills. This damage type ignores the damage limit and adds on top of it.
  • DMG Cap mastery button will be available for each character once you reach Extreme difficulty.

Despite these improvements, it appears that the absolute maximum damage in a single hit is 999,999, as indicated in the Roll the Die trait’s description.

As you become stronger, it’s important to keep track of the amount of damage you deal. If you find your moves consistently deal the same amount of damage, it’s time to experiment. Go into Practice mode and try equipping different Attack or Damage Signs to see if your damage numbers increase. If there are no changes, you may have reached your damage limit. At this point, consider using the strategies mentioned earlier to overcome this limit and increase your damage even further.