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Honor of Kings Global Release Date: When is it coming out?

Honor of Kings is one of the most played mobile games worldwide. However, the game is currently only available in Brazil and China, with most of its 100 million-plus player base in the latter countries, according to Timi Studio. After a long beta period, the developer has finally announced the global release date for Honor of Kings.

Here’s what we know about the Honor of Kings global release date.

Honor of Kings Global Release DateHonor of Kings Global Release Date

Image Credit: Timmy Studio

When is the global release date for Honor of Kings?

The game is currently available in Brazil. Timi Studio has confirmed that the game will be released globally in stages in 2024.

Honor of Kings will next be released in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Eastern Europe, and South Asia on February 21st. Users in these regions can pre-register on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Get information about titles and get notified when they are finally released.

Timi Studio justified its decision to release the game in stages by saying that they wanted to “secure feedback” from a wider audience before the final release. Additionally, the slow release may force developers to localize the game into multiple languages. It includes hero voices from local talent across English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. More languages ​​will be added after global launch.

Additionally, as it prepares for the game’s global launch, Honor of Kings has already announced ambitious esports plans, including a $15 million investment to grow the game globally. This includes four global LAN events in 2024 alone.

How do I pre-register?

king's honorking's honor

Image Credit: Timmy Studio

Honor of Kings pre-registration is currently live on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in select countries through a phased rollout. Players who pre-register for the free game will receive the following rewards:

  • Ying, one of the game’s iconic heroes
  • Ying’s Crimson Tassel Skin
  • 500 diamonds
  • 2000 Arcana Pieces
  • 5000 coins
  • Free trial of all heroes for a limited time

Meanwhile, pre-registration for worldwide launch will open later.