Blog - February 1, 2024

Hero Awakening Code (February 2024)

Updated February 1, 2024: Searched for new code!

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Hero awakens Is one Roblox game inspired by the anime series, My Hero Academy. It follows All Might and his team of heroes on their adventures and various missions across the map. While players can always grind through the game to upgrade their characters, earn rewards, and get more money, there are still easy ways to do it.

Like most Roblox titles, Hero awakens There are codes that players can enter to receive free rewards. These bonuses can come in the form of hard cash or free spins. All players need to do to earn these rewards is enter the active code into the game and boom, the rewards are yours for free.

Hero awakens code

  • GROUP – 500 cash and two Free Spins (must participate Roblox group to exchange gifts)
  • SHANGHAI – 1.5k cash and two free spins
  • SubToChill – 1.5k cash and three free spins
  • SubToXenoTy – 1.5k cash and three free spins
  • SRRY4OFF – 1k cash and two free spins

If you want to redeem these codes in Hero awakensall you need to do is open the game, talk to the Character Customization NPC in the customization menu, then copy any active codes into the text box.

Then from there, you just hit enter and any bonus associated with the code you entered will automatically be added to your account.