Reviews - February 1, 2024

Help Amazon clear the shelves of the LTE-powered Pixel Watch and snag it for $135 off.

Are you the proud owner of a gorgeous Pixel phone and are currently looking for a smartwatch to complement you and your ultra-powerful AI-powered phone? Well, you might want to turn those good eyes to Google’s OG Pixel Watch because this bad boy is currently enjoying a huge discount on Amazon. Currently, the LTE-powered Pixel Watch is 34% off at retail. If you’re quick enough and take advantage of this deal while you can still get your hands on it, you can save $135 on this sleek-looking watch.

The Pixel Watch could be Google’s first attempt at making a smartwatch. But despite being a first generation device, this handsome fellow is a thoroughly wearable premium product. It has a stylish design that goes well with not only t-shirts but also fancy suits.

The Pixel Watch also features Fitbit’s industry-leading fitness tracking and health tracking features worthy of a proper high-end smartwatch. You can also measure your heart rate every second.

As for battery life, the Pixel Watch should be able to go all day without charging, but like the Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch, you’ll likely need to charge it overnight. However, considering that the Pixel Watch’s initial battery life was poor, requiring users to charge it twice a day before Google fixed the issue, it’s safe to say that the wearable now boasts good battery life.

Google’s OG Pixel Watch may be an older model, but its sleek design and wide range of features still make it worth the price. Moreover, the fact that you can now own this watch for less makes this beautiful timepiece much more bang for your buck right now. But that sweet discount likely has an expiration date that only someone at Amazon knows about. This means that the deal may not be available tomorrow or in the next few hours. Get your Pixel Watch for less while it’s still available at a discounted price!