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Helldivers 2 trophy list: All trophies, listed

Hell diver 2 is taking the fight back to Super Earth, and there’s plenty of loot to earn as you fight off hordes of enemies in the sequel.

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Sequel to the 2015 top-down shooter of the same name, Hell diver 2 is changing its approach, moving from a top-down style to a third-person all-out attack game. Many have been expecting the series’ return to make waves for nearly a decade. And while fending off enemy threats, you can earn many trophies for your efforts.

Do Hell diver 2 Is there a Platinum trophy?

A character in Helldivers 2 watches the ship crash into the ground.Prepare to roll. Image via Arrowhead Games

Correct, Hell diver 2 There is a Platinum Trophy for PlayStation players to obtain. As usual, you will have to tick off every other title in the Hell diver 2 to win the most prestigious title, so don’t expect this important award to be an easy task. However, players on other platforms will not have the Platinum trophy to unlock.

How many trophies are in Hell Diver 2?

Hell diver 2 Have 39 PlayStation titles to earn, divided into rare Gold, Silver and Bronze varieties along with the aforementioned single Platinum trophy. Have 3 Gold trophies, 11 Silver trophies and 24 Bronze trophies.

Many of Hell diver 2 You can earn trophies simply by playing the shooter sequel, although some higher rarity trophies will require you to increase the difficulty and take on a significant challenge for bragging rights.

Hell diver 2 trophy list

NameDescriptionraritySuper Earth Summary Gets all the other stuff Hell diver 2 TrophyPlatinumHell DivingComplete a mission of extreme difficulty or higher without anyone dyingGoldHold my main, I’m in!Complete a full mission of Hard difficulty or higher without anyone firing a weapon main or their support weaponGoldDisappear after 360 seconds!Complete the entire extremely difficult Blitz mission and deploy in under six minutesGoldExtractamundo!Extract with full team on Hard difficulty or higherSilverCapture them with supplies!Kill the set recharge with a supply boxSilverSamples are a diver’s best friendExtract at least 15 rare samples from a mission as a teamSilverDo your partComplete at least 100 missionsSilverIt’s the only way to be sureThere are six orbital attack strategy in the same place at the same timeSilverFor the greater good!Destroy 5,000 enemiesSilverKill it with fire!Destroy 100 enemies using fire damage in one missionSilverGet some!Fire at least 150 rounds bullets in one shot, kills at maximum level at least 10 enemiesSilverThings that don’t kill you…Injures all limbs at onceSilverThe Power of DemocracyKill 25 enemies with just one stratagemSilverFully activeReach max rank on a ship moduleSilverShip it!Upgrade all ship modules to at least one levelBronzeThere’s nothing greater than FreedomDefeat a HulkBronzeThem higher…Defeat a Titan BileBronzeThey don’t call it Tacticool because Nothin’Complete 10 tactical objectivesBronzeLet’s call it a draw Shoot off both of Hulk’s arms and retreat while he’s aliveBronzeCool Guys Don’t Loo-AAAH!Fly at least 25 meters away from the shockwave of an explosionBronzePotato hot!Throw back a live grenadeBronzeBot ScrapperPlay a Bot missionBronzeBug StomperPlay a Bug missionCoinExtract the BackcountryPlay a Planetary Defense missionCopperPatriotPlay at least 50 missionsCopperHold my Liber-Tea!While using a jump pack, make yourself push yourself into ragdoll state DongEat this!Kill this! a bug warrior with a shotgun within a meter rangeBronzeDemocracy isn’t done with youHeal other players using StimBronzePromote synergyProvide reload buffs to teammatesBronze tie up young manCustomize Your Helldiver with new cape, armor and helmetBronzeIn Nick of TimeExtract after the timer reaches zeroBronzeThe real dealComplete Basic TrainingBronzeThe Long Arm of JusticeKill targets at over 100m awayBronzeTracking is illegalComplete into tactical target Stalker HiveBronzeJob completed!Completed a mission but failed to extractCoinScience is done in numbersExtract with at least 15 common samplesCoinThey mostly come at night…Extracted from a mission during the nighttime spread-managed BronzeDemocracyDestroy 150 enemies in a single missionBronze