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Grand Kaizen Code (February 2024)

Updated February 1, 2024: We’re already looking for new codes!

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I’ve always wanted to become a formidable Jujutsu Mage, and now it’s possible. Big Kaizen! I became strong, staving off devastating curses, but trying out different builds and techniques using spins and rerolls was the most fun part of my experience!

If you want more opportunities to change your build and try different techniques for yourself, use Big Kaizen code. By redeeming them you will unlock more free spins and re-spins, giving you more freedom in your approach to this trophy. If you want to play one Roblox the game has similar settings, our test Kaizen code article and redeem codes to get guild spins and other rewards!


  • All Grand Kaizen Code List
    • The Grand Kaizen code is live
    • Grand Kaizen code expires
  • How to redeem codes in Grand Kaizen
  • How can you get more Grand Kaizen codes?
    • Why isn’t my Grand Kaizen code working?
  • Other ways to get free rewards in Grand Kaizen
  • What is Grand Kaizen?

All Big Kaizen code list

Positive Big Kaizen code

  • 30k likes!—Exchange for 15 rolls (New)

Expired Big Kaizen code

Show more 30k likes
Fix mobile errors
Bug fix2

How to change code in Big Kaizen

How to redeem codes in Grand KaizenClick Redeem to claim your prize. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To redeem Big Kaizen code, follow the instructions below:

  • Open Big Kaizen IN Roblox.
  • Press M to open the menu.
  • Click gear icon to open settings.
  • Enter the code text box.
  • Click Redeem and claim your prize!
  • How can you get more Big Kaizen code?

    Social media is where developers share new things Big Kaizen code. You can join Big Kaizen Discord server and subscribe to the game’s YouTube channel to stay informed about upcoming releases. Additionally, you can also bookmark this article. We look for new codes for this game every day and update our list as soon as new free gifts become available.

    My why Big Kaizen code not working?

    If the reward is still not in your inventory after importing Big Kaizen code, here are two main points you should keep in mind:

    • Make sure your spelling doesn’t have any errors! To do this easily, copy and paste the code directly into the in-game text box.
    • Once the codes expire, they are gone forever. Developers rarely state their validity dates, so it’s no surprise that expired codes can sometimes linger too long in our active lists. Let us know if that happens and we’ll update our guide quickly.

    Other ways to get free rewards in Big Kaizen

    Other than the code redemption system, there is no other way to get free rewards in Big Kaizen. Try to follow official social media accounts as the creators may organize them gifts and special events to give players a chance to win free gifts!

    What Big Kaizen?

    Big Kaizen Is one Roblox The game is inspired by the beloved anime and manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. You can become the greatest Jujutsu Mage and protect the world or become a High Curse and destroy it. Whatever your choice, you’ll need to strive to gain immense power, leaving your opponents helpless as you level up. However, be careful—your opponents will become stronger, just like you.

    If you need more codes for your other favorite games, Visit the rest of us Roblox Code section to get other helpful freebies in the most popular experiences on the platform!