Blog - February 1, 2024

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking Platform: Is GFR on PS5, Xbox and Switch consoles?

With its rapidly growing popularity and relatively successful early access launch, players are eager to find out if they can play Cygames’ highly anticipated new action JRPG Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on their platform of choice is not surprising.

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These are all the places you can play Granblue Fantasy: Relinking right away.

To be Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on PlayStation?

Granblue Fantasy: Reuniting the charactersPS users, rejoice. Image via Cygames

Correct, Granblue Fantasy: Relinking is available on PlayStation 5 as well as on the latest generation PlayStation 4, if you still own one. The game also supports cross-play between the two Sony consoles, so you can team up with friends for fun missions. Of course, you’ll need PS Plus to play online with your group.

To be Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on Xbox?

Granblue Fantasy: Reuniting the charactersNot now, but maybe never. Image via Cygames

At the time of writing, Granblue Fantasy: Relinking Not available on Xbox, Series X/S or One consoles. Cygames also hasn’t shared its plans to bring the game to Xbox in the future, but they haven’t completely ruled out the idea.

I wouldn’t expect the game to release on Xbox anytime soon. That said, older Cygames titles appeared on Xbox consoles some time later after their initial release on PlayStation and PC. For example, Little Noah: Son of Heavenreleased on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam in 2022 and received ports to Xbox One and Series X/S consoles a year later.

Cygames will likely follow suit’s reception Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on PC and PlayStation now, then make a decision based on its success.

To be Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on Nintendo Switch?

Characters in combat, Granblue Fantasy: RelinkToo weak for this JRPG? Image via Cygames

Unfortunately there isn’t. Granblue Fantasy: Relinking is not available on Nintendo Switch and may not appear on the platform in the future. Although the developers haven’t given any explanation as to why they avoided popular console platforms like Xbox and Nintendo Switch for such a big release. GFRDevelopment constraints seem to be the most relevant reason here.

Cygames has previously released many games for the Switch, including Little Noah: Son of Heaven And Shadowverse: Battle of Champions. So in case you were wondering, a Switch port doesn’t seem impossible in the future.

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking releases February 1 on Steam and PlayStation.