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Granblue Fantasy: Relink trophy list: all trophies and achievements

Granblue Fantasy: RelinkingIts main story may not be particularly long compared to other RPGs, but its list of achievements will keep you playing long after it’s over.

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Those looking for a slightly shorter adventure amidst all the other big RPG releases, like Like a dragon: Infinite wealth And Reload Persona 3will find that in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking. However, if you’re really interested in what it has to offer, it’s got plenty of side content and optional activities, including an extensive list of achievements/trophies.

How many titles and achievements are there in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking?

Promotional images of some of the main characters of Granblue Fantasy: Relink.Working with friends can help unlock certain achievements faster. Image via Cygames

Have 54 titles/achievements in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, 18 of which are hidden. We’ve divided the list below because some of the hidden trophies’ descriptions contain some story spoilers, though most of them you earn simply by completing each chapter.

Most of them are quite simple to unlock and just require spending a lot of time playing the game. For example, Chain Burst Champion requires you to perform the burst chain 100 times in battle, which you are forced to do naturally as you progress in the game. A few can only be obtained in specific chapters, so it’s good that you can review them using the Chapter Select feature.

It looks like there are no titles locked behind Granblue Fantasy: RelinkingMultiplayer options. So if you like to play solo, you will be able to complete the loot list. That said, working together with friends can make unlocking some trophies easier or at least more fun since you won’t be alone.

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking list of trophies and achievements

NameDescriptionPlayStation trophy levelPlatinum SkyGet all trophies/achievementsPlatinumNothing is impossible!Complete all side missionsSilverSquad’s All HereUnlock all charactersSilverFate Can’t WaitComplete all character fate episodes objects, including their endingsSilverFlashbackFill out every Field Notes entry in Lyria’s DiarySilverTrue PotentialUnlock the power of Ascension weapons for the first timeSilverLeave meAchieve S++ quest rating for the first timeBronzeAll it’s all about communicationUse emoticonsBrassPrimal Beast PunisherDefeat the primal beast 100 timesBronzeI tried to helpComplete side quest for the first timeBronzeClose to full burst Trigger full burst in battleBronzeDon’t think it’ll be high more than thatDeal more than 999,999 damage with a chain burst in battleBronzeIn Perfect SyncEnter link time in battle (excluding Training)Bronze Chain Burst ChampionActivate Chain Burst 100 times in battles (excluding certain battles)BronzeDo not hold backUnleash Skybound Arts 10 times in battles (excluding certain battles)BronzeField MedicRevive allies five timesBronzeIt’s called SkillUse skills 50 times in battlesBronzeBuff BuffetUse buff skills to grant status effects to allies 20 times in battleBronzeDebuff DelugeUse debuff skills to give status disadvantages to enemies 20 times in battleBronzeI will survive Use 50 potionsBronzeGive me something to breakPut an enemy into Break five times in battle (excluding certain battles)BronFateful EncounterComplete the opening of the fateful episode for the first timeBronzeA parting hand of fateComplete the ending of the fate episodeBronzePush it to the limitRaise the character to level 100BronzeI like it when the number increasesGet a total of 100,000 rupeesBronzeNeat crabFind 20 small pliersBronzeGet closer to the truthSearch for 30 storage itemsTreasure Hunter BronzeOpen 50 treasure chests (excluding town chests)BronzeUnlocked and unloadedOpen all locked treasure chestsBronzePractice makes perfectTrain with Mr. BarroldBronzeNo capOpen weapons at the blacksmithBronzeKnickknack Shack RegularlyUse Treasure Trade of Siero to complete 10 transactionsCoinOn the way to masteryUnlock a character action button from Masteries for the first timeCoinEnd of the encounterSell 10 sigilsCoinWelcome to the crewUnlock new charactersCoinIndoorGet review from ZathbaCoin

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking List of hidden achievements and trophies

NameDescriptionPlayStation Trophy LevelWings of DestructionComplete the mission “Final Report”GoldThe UltimateComplete the main story up to Chapter Ø on ultimate difficultyGoldIdComplete the Final Chapter of the main storySilverSkybound HeartComplete Chapter Ø of the main storySilverThe Forgotten SkyComplete Prologue beginning of the main storyBronzeThe Western FrontierComplete Chapter One of the main storyBronzeSkies Forever BlueComplete Chapter 2 of the main storyBronzeThe Creation of the StarsComplete Chapter 3 of the main storyBronzeSkies Forever BlueComplete Chapter 4 of the main storyBronzeShadows in the SnowscapeComplete Chapter 5 of the main storyBronzeSearch for HopeComplete Chapter 6 of the main storyBronzeWarning SignsComplete Chapter 7 of the main storymain storyBronzeRelinkComplete Chapter 8 of the main storyBronze OppositionComplete Chapter 9 of the main storyBronzeSniper gunDestroy all both homing projectiles of enemy attacks using a single charged shot from an ether cannon in Chapter 4 of the main storyCannon CrusherDestroy all enemy cannons in Chapter 4 of the main storyBronzeChild of Darkness and FlamesDefeat Angra Mainyu without taking any damage while controlling Proto Bahamut in Chapter 8 of the main storyBronzePrimeval DragonDefeat Bahamut Versa Omega without taking any damage while controlling Proto Bahamut in Chapter Ø of the main storyBronze