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Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to finish what Rolan started

There’s a lot to do in the Granblue Fantasy: Relinkingpost-game when you have reached the credits. In fact, a significant portion of it will be spent completing the quest titled “Completing the Work Rolan Started”.

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With such a short time Granblue Fantasy: RelinkingThe main story of the game is, most of your time will be spent in the bonus chapter, Chapter Ø, which you unlock shortly after and where all the endgame content takes place. Rolan’s jobs are essentially the focus of the entire chapter, but they’re also opportunities to upgrade your party and make them as powerful as possible for even more difficult missions later on. This.

However, exactly how you deal with Rolan’s job isn’t explained as thoroughly as it could be, so here’s a simple explanation of what to do.

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Granblue Fantasy Relink mission access menuQuests required to complete Chapter Ø will have a special marker. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Luckily, all of Rolan’s work can be found in one place, the Quest Counter, which you’ll already be very familiar with. Rolan’s job is basically no different from other missions in the game, which are additional missions that you can do alone or with friends. If you have any friends Granblue Fantasy: Relinking players, it may be worth forming a cooperative group for any quest you find yourself struggling with. Or use the AFK Farm trick if you want to do something else while leveling up.

At first, it may not be entirely clear which quests count as Rolan’s work, but there is an indicator that shows which quests you need to complete to progress: Just look for the ones with the red diamond symbol with crossed swords next to their name. However, you might be under the impression that there are only eight of these missions because that’s how many missions in the game you have to complete, but that’s not accurate. There are over eight games available, and completing them will unlock more games at higher difficulty levels, up to Extreme difficulty.

We’re not entirely sure why Granblue Fantasy: Relinking marks the progression of this side quest out of eight because it’s not like you only need to complete that much of Rolan’s work. You need to Clear them all to end Chapter Ø’s story and its challenging final boss encounter, so it’s best not to pay attention to the progress marker; simply tackle every quest you see with the red icon and you’re on your way to completing the quest and Chapter Ø.

You’ll then start to see more quests with red icons appearing on Maniac difficulty (which you unlock after beating Chapter Ø), but these quests are clearly not tied to your job quests. Roland. This is to unlock Proud difficulty, the highest difficulty level in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking. There’s no more story-related content to be found, so if that’s all you’re interested in, you can stop after beating Chapter Ø’s boss battle.