Blog - February 6, 2024

Granblue Fantasy: Relink endgame: Raids, Weapons and farming

Congratulations on completing the main story Granblue Fantasy: Relinking! I know it’s pretty short, but that’s because the real fun is just beginning. The game ends there, with exciting Boss attacks, big power-ups, and a bit of farming. Here’s what to do in the endgame.

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Complete the highlighted missions from Chapter 0

Screenshot of Granblue Fantasy Relink's Quest counter with quests highlighted.Red icons show you tasks that need to be completed. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Now you have completed the main story, you have unlocked the Id and Granblue Fantasy: Relinking epilogue, Chapter 0. This one is different. Instead of going to the dock, you’ll focus on special quests at the Quest counter, marked by red crossed swords. These objective missions are key to passing this chapter. By completing them, you will unlock more difficult story parts and missions with better rewards. While it may seem like there’s more story to deal with, these missions are more like raid Boss battles than regular story missions. Ready or not, you need to take on these missions and complete Chapter 0 to access the game’s most powerful weapons and toughest enemies.

Complete side quests

Screenshot of Gran in front of an NPC character with a side quest pending in Granblue Fantasy RelinkLook for NPCs with yellow marks on their heads. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

At the end of Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, side quests are a great way to get more Mastery Points, Rupees, and resources. After you complete the quest from the Quest counter, be sure to visit Folca and Seedhollow to get new side quests. Take on every quest you find. Many NPCs offer a series of quests that will continue after you complete the current quest. Sometimes, you may already have what they need, allowing you to complete these tasks quickly. So always check out the side quests in both cities.

Get better Sigils

As you complete harder missions and unlock higher difficulty levels, like Extreme and Maniac, you will be able to Convert higher level Sigils at Siero’s Knickknack Shop. These Signs may come with additional traits, often marked with a plus sign after their name, such as Critical Rate III+. When you unlock Maniac mode, you can even get character-specific Sigils to give them special powers. The more quests marked from the Quest Counter you complete, the harder the quest will be and the better the Tokens you will receive. So I highly recommend you keep completing Quest Counter missions to get better Sigils to make your character stronger.

Increase your character’s PWR level

IN Link again endgame, the goal is to power up (PWR) your character to take on more difficult missions for greater rewards. This cycle is the core of the game. As you complete main quests and side quests and earn Mastery Points, it’s important to strengthen your party and top characters to face the toughest bosses. For example, I focus on building Lancelot with my Mastery Points, but I also equip the rest of my team with powerful sigils and weapons to aid me in difficult battles .

You increase your character’s PWR by equipping better Sigils, upgrading your Weapons, and spending Mastery Points on them.

Complete all fateful episodes

The Fate episodes are short stories, primarily based on each character’s writing Link again. You can skip them, but completing these episodes will give your character permanent stat boosts and additional Sigil Slots. These boosts are really useful, especially for the hardest Maniac and Proud difficulty levels. So, try to complete all the Fate Episodes for the characters in your team whenever you get the chance.

Forge and upgrade ascension weapons

Screenshot of the Blacksmith's forge window highlighting Eugen's Ascension Weapon, Benedia.You have to fake it all. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Extremely powerful ascension weapon in Link again and you’ll rely on them for the duration of the game. It’s best to craft them early and level them up. At first, they don’t seem much stronger than your other weapons, but once they reach level 150, you can Awaken them to increase their power. Make sure to get these weapons for each character you use regularly. Just go to the Blacksmith after you reach Expert mode and give him the necessary ingredients for each character’s weapon.

Farm Ingredients and Mastery Points

There will be times when you need to gather some materials to forge an Ascension Weapon or at least collect some Mastery Points to upgrade certain characters and complete a quest you’re stuck on. To do that effectively, use the Wishlist function in your inventory to check directly in the Quest Counter which quests will drop the items you’re looking for. For example, to farm Fortitude Crystals, you should prioritize Conquest and Survival quests, which are fast and drop a lot of items when they end.

Unlocks Proud difficulty

Reaching Proud difficulty is a big challenge in Link again endgame. This is the hardest mode and to unlock it you need to complete all the missions with the red crossed sword icon on Maniac difficulty. Before that, you must complete Chapter 0 to enter Maniac. Pride Mode offers the best rewards in the game but also the hardest Boss attacks and missions. For example, the hardest mission suggests a PWR of 17,500. I’m currently at Maniac level and my strongest character is 9,500 PWR, so it’s been an uphill climb. But aiming for Proud is worth it because it offers the most rewards and is the most fun part of Relink, both to play and gather resources.

Once you unlock Proud, you will have no more missions or modes to unlock. What many players refer to as Raids are simply Quest Quests tagged as Bosses, due to the way boss raids work in other games.

The ultimate farm weapon

The Terminus Weapon is the ultimate weapon in the game, even more powerful than the Ascension Weapon. But you can’t just make them. To get one, you need to complete The Tale of Bahamut’s Rage quest, a super difficult 17,500 PWR quest on Proud difficulty. Getting a Terminus Weapon is a game of chance; There are 19 of them and you can get which one at random. It’s really worth a try, though. A fully powered Terminus Weapon, along with a well-prepared character, can make many Pride missions a lot easier.