Blog - February 1, 2024

Granblue Fantasy Relink Censorship Explained

Link back to Granblue Fantasy fans are in an uproar over censorship of the Western release. This censorship comes in the form of model changes to some beloved characters, discrepancies between the original Japanese release and the versions currently available on Steam and other platforms in Europe and the United States. Ky.

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But what exactly are these changes and why are fans so upset? We have the answer.

All moderation changes in Link back to Granblue Fantasy

A promotional photo of the Granblue Fantasy Relink in black and white with a warning sign above.Image via Cygames. Remix by Dot Esports

Most censored in Granblue Fantasy Relink’s The Western release dropped to that change model makes the female character less sexual. For characters like Zeta, Djeeta, Ferry and Cagliostro, the designers change their underwear—visible in certain sequences—with shorts instead. In more “extreme” cases, characters like Narmaya are given completely new outfits to hide more skin.

These changes led to chaos on the game’s Steam forums and even caused some fans to refuse to buy the game, despite All changes are cosmetic only and does not affect gameplay or story in any way.

Most of the controversy stems from fans feeling these changes were unnecessary, but censorship like this is quite common when Japanese games are ported to the West. Even fighting games like Street Fighter is no exception, but then again, that’s not too surprising for characters like Cammy in Street Fighter V.

On top of that though there was a bit of censorship in its Western release Granblue Fantasy Link, it doesn’t change anything about the game. If you are in the minority that strongly opposes the changes, perhaps you can look to mod the game or import the Japanese version from abroad to get the “full” experience.