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Granblue Fantasy: Relink: All Ascended Weapons and How to Unlock Them

Ascension weapons in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking is one of the most powerful weapons you can find, second only to the Terminus Weapon you get at the end of the game. What makes Ascension Weapons unique is that they can be Awakened and grown even more powerful.

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Ascension weapons in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking?

Granblue Fantasy screenshot showing Charlotta's Ascension weapon crafting window.Charlotte’s Ascension Weapon. Screenshot of Dot Esports

IN Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, The Ascension Weapon is the best weapon you can craft at the Blacksmith after completing the Very Hard missions in Chapter Zero and starting the Expert missions. Each character has their own Ascension Weapons, and they are the best craftable weapons. You can easily spot them in Blacksmith because they have the words “Ascension Weapon” written below their name.

What really sets these weapons apart, aside from their power, is a special feature called Awakening. In addition to the Terminus weapon, a random drop from the hardest quest, the Ascension Weapons are unique because you can make them even more powerful with the help of Siero. This means that even if the Ascension Weapon reaches level 150, it still hasn’t reached its full potential. You can level it up more to make your character stronger. That’s why having Ascension Weapons is important if you want to tackle the difficulty of Maniac and all the way to Proud, the most challenging missions.

To clarify the weapon terms:

  • Ascended weapons: Weapons can be crafted for each character at the Blacksmith after reaching Expert difficulty.
  • Awakening weapon: The Ascension weapon that you upgraded to its maximum level and then upgraded further at Siero’s Knickknack Shack.
  • Terminal weapon: Unique weapons that you can only find as drops from the hardest quest, The Tale of Bahamut’s Wrath, on Pride difficulty.

All weapons ascend in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Here is the complete list of all the Ascension Weapons you can craft Link again by nature:

CharactersAscended WeaponLancelotKnight of IceGran/DjeetaSword of EosPercivalLord of FlamesNarmayaVenustasKatalinaMurgleisRackamBenediaIoGambaanteinnEugenAK-4ARosettaLove EternalCharlottaClaidheamn SoluisGhandagozaGolden Fists of UraFerryErinnerungVaneTreuer KriegerSiegfriedAscalonCagliostroTransmigration TomeYo darha Fudo-KuniyukiZetaBrionacVaseragaWurtzite Scythe