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Get the best WSP Swarm in Warzone season one

The WSP group is infiltrating Modern warfare 3 It may be overlooked at first, but it’s a great choice for a secondary melee weapon to use in Urzikstan. We don’t recommend using it in long-range battles, but it’s great for getting close to enemies in BR.

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This is the best recharge for WSP Swarm in Warzone battle royale.

Download the best WSP Swarm in Battlefield

Best WSP Swarm loading screenshot in Warzone.Fast firing speed, fast TTK. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The WSP Group been sleeping a bit in MW3 multiplayer, but that’s why Battlefield That’s awesome: it can use the same weapons as CoD MP, but the gameplay is different enough that some weapons will shine in BR in ways they wouldn’t in Domination or Search and Destroy. This is easy one of the best SMGs in Battlefield hitherto.

The best WSP Swarm build Battlefield

  • Muzzle: S muzzle brake filter
  • Optics: Mk. 3 reflexes
  • Share: FSS Heavy Fortress
  • Lower barrel: Bruen Pivot vertical handle
  • Rear handle: Hand holding Marauder

This attachment download is almost identical to the one I like to use in MW3 multiplayer, but a little different. At base value, the WSP Swarm rocks like a mule, but these attachments will give you significant power. Recoil control, which I think is necessary.

Basically all the attachments I have selected here will help Kick control, Recoil control, Aim stabilizationAnd Aim for the idle Sway, meaning it will even perform well in mid-range skirmishes.

Tip: Unlock WSP Swarm

It won’t take you long before WSP Swarm is added to your arsenal. All you need to do is reach Level 27 and voila! SMG is yours. Just playing Warzone matches can help you level up quickly.

If you don’t feel you need your optics, consider switching Mk. 3 reflexes for a magazine like 50 Round Mag, but be prepared to lose a large amount Movement speed And Aim down sight speed.

The best WSP Swarm perks and gear in Battlefield

WSP MW3 swarmImage via Activision

  • Privilege package
    • Perk 1: Battle Hardened
    • Benefit 2: EOD
    • Perk 3: Hot-tempered
    • Perk 4: High Alert
  • Secondary weapons: BAS-B or Pulemyot 762
  • Lethal: Frag or Semtex grenades
  • Tactic: Smoke Grenade or Stun Grenade

This is a really cool perk pack that I like to use when using the SMG in Battlefield, because I see you don’t need to worry much about portability when using it. So you can use perks like Battle tough And EOD to protect yourself from damage and tactics.

Tempered is a must-have Battlefield, as it reduces your need to use three plates for armor to just two. And High vigilance It’s great for keeping an eye on the back of your head, so this is a solid choice no matter what you use it for. Battlefield.

Tip: Fast TTK makes WSP a great choice.

WSP Swarm is a monster at close range, with one of the best TTKs in its short range. It destroys armor but requires a powerful ranged gun to combo.

Make sure to combine the WSP Swarm with a good ranged option in your second weapon slot like the Pulemyot 762. Then, choose the deadly throw you like best and apply stun or smoke to protect yourself from enemies is approaching.