Esports News - February 2, 2024

GeoGuessr is growing into an international esports game

Ten years ago, GeoGuessr launched globally and became an overnight sensation. This is a very basic game with a unique premise. Players must pinpoint their actual location on a map based on ‘Google Street View’ shots. The game has since grown into a highly competitive and popular game, boasting over 40 million players, with GeoGuessr’s first World Championship tournament taking place last year. Now players around the world are preparing for the 2024 $100,000 GeoGuessr World Cup.

Recently, GeoGuessr has been topping the Twitch charts, reaching a peak viewership of nearly 100,000 users. It was mostly thanks to the GeoGuessr tournament, but it was nothing out of the ordinary for a game that typically only draws 1-2 thousand viewers at peak. But this is a testament to the power of the GeoGuessr competitive scene. I never thought it would be this powerful to watch people play geographic and educational map guessing games.

GeoGuessr is on the map

geoguessr world cupgeoguessr world cup

GeoGuessr boasts a simple yet addictive concept, but it can quickly become much more complex. During the World Cup qualifying stages, competitors will face a variety of challenges that will significantly limit their in-game abilities. At the most difficult end of the spectrum, players must pinpoint their location on a world map using only one random photo taken from Google Street View.

Typically, players rely on landmarks, flora and fauna, road signs, weather, and even types of soil and cloud formations to evaluate locations. It’s a race against time, as quickly locating yourself on the map is one way to generate the most points. The closer the player is to marking the exact location on the map, the more points he or she will receive. It’s actually that simple. However, there are geographic geniuses who have the uncanny ability to deduce exactly where they are based based on a single plant or the architecture of a nearby building.

money you can earn

In a few weeks’ time, the final stage of the Americas World Cup qualifiers will be held in the GeoGuessr studio, with $14,400 at stake. The next step is to hold the EMEA qualifiers and then the APAC qualifiers. In September, the Grand Finals will be held somewhere around the world. They are usually held in small stadiums or esports arenas. Certain events feature a $50,000 prize pool, which is a huge amount for such a simple game.

Like any other esports game, GeoGuessr has a core following that supports the fact that many people are enjoying it. It took GeoGuessr nine years to establish itself as a truly competitive game, but it is now wasting no time in building its esports profile.