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G2 vs FNC – Battle of the Giants – LEC 2024 Winter Playoffs Preview

It’s G2 vs FNC time once again. Who will be the favorite to win the second round of the 2024 LEC Winter Playoffs? Let’s find out through the game preview.

G2 vs. FNC LEC Winter 2024G2 vs. FNC LEC Winter 2024

Image credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

G2 vs FNC – LEC 2024 Winter Split Playoffs Preview – Confused?

G2 and FNC both advanced to the first round of the LEC 2024 Winter Playoffs with 2-0 wins. Looking at it that way, the performance of the two teams was clearly different. On one hand, there was G2, who basically dominated GiantX from start to finish. FNC, on the other hand, struggled to close Game 2 in their series against MAD Lions KOI, winning the game thanks to Noah’s incredible performance on Varus.

The Korean ADC is proving to be a key player on the FNC roster alongside jungler Razork. From what we’ve seen so far, these are two important factors that, if successful, could greatly increase FNC’s potential. The Spanish jungler is getting more opportunities to play carry, which wasn’t as common last year. Instead, the Korean ADC remains consistent throughout most games.

But now FNC will face G2, who are probably still in first place. There is only 1 team to win in EU. After a slow start, the Dylan Falco-led team appears to have found its groove and drafting method for the new season. The best thing about G2 is that it has a ton of flexibility across the board, allowing you to get a huge advantage from the scheme whenever you want.

G2’s Special Draft

In their series against GiantX, G2 made some atypical picks that you don’t see much of in professional play. BrokenBlade’s Zac and Yasuo, the Senna-Maokai bot lane duo. So far in the playoffs, G2 has been drafting conservatively, focusing on expansion above all else, looking for a few plays that can neutralize the early game and get things rolling.

I expect G2 to take a similar approach in their series against FNC and see if any adjustments are needed based on the game. Instead, FNC has been drafting much more like the LCK, looking for disadvantage lanes that can still stretch well into late-game teamfights.

Who has the advantage to win?

It’s always difficult to judge a match since there have only been a few matches. Using the Bo3 format can drastically change a team’s potential (see the series between SK and VIT). Nonetheless, I still prefer the G2 in this series. G2 has been much more consistent and always seems to come up with a clear idea of ​​what they want. The few times they mess up usually end up being executed more than anything else.

In that respect, FNC will need to find a great answer to G2’s draft. As long as they don’t get dominated from start to finish, we should have a great series. Oscarinin may be the X factor, so be careful. Can he bounce back after his poor performance against MDK? We’ll check it out tonight at 20:00 CET.