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Full Palworld map: All regions and key locations

Palworld has a vast map with a diverse range of areas and environments that change how you approach the game. Each unique location has different Pals, challenges to face, and hidden secrets to unlock as you delve further into the world. 

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From the Plateau of Beginnings to the Land of Absolute Zero, exploring the Palworld map centers around locations like Great Eagle Statues, Towers, and Dungeons that are challenging to complete. The Palpagos Islands might not look that big initially, but Pocketpair has packed Palworld with places to go and things to do—and here is everything you need to know about discovering it all.


  • All Palworld map region locations
  • All Palworld Boss Tower locations
  • All Palworld Cave and Dungeon locations
  • All Palworld fast travel locations
  • All Palworld Skill Fruit Tree locations
  • All Palworld level zones

All Palworld map region locations

Here’s every point of interest on Palworld’s map. Click to enlarge. Image by Dot Esports

We have explored the entire Palworld map, as shown in the image above. We categorized it into four key biomes, though there is plenty of diversity within them:

  • Forest: Your adventure begins here at the Plateau of Beginnings near the bottom right of the map. You have easy access to the heart of the Palpagos Islands and plenty of resources. It’s a mosaic of smaller islands, sometimes featuring elements from the other biomes, serving as a teaser of what lies beyond.
  • Volcano: Located to the southwest, this fiery realm is home to a variety of Fire-type Pals and harsh terrain. To endure the intense heat, you’ll need gear that’s resistant to high temperatures, alongside powerful Pals and advanced Pal Spheres for successful captures.
  • Snow: Positioned at the northernmost point, this icy expanse is populated by Water and Ice Pals. Exploring this frostbitten landscape requires cold-resistant armor. Given the strength of the opponents here, with some having levels in mid-40s, it’s typically one of the last areas you should venture into.
  • Desert: Located to the northeast, this arid zone is a haven for Ground and Fire Pals. Similar to the Volcano biome, navigating the scorching sands demands heat-resistant gear. The Pals here are not to be underestimated, so ensure you’re well-equipped with a strong party and plenty of food before embarking on this journey.
  • Outside the volcano and snow biomes, you can typically find forests mixing with mountains and large bodies of water. There are even some marshes and hidden sanctuaries housing rare Pals to discover while you explore the map for yourself. One of the main things you will want to keep an eye out for, however, are the various Towers that each house a boss representing one of Palworld’s main factions.

    All Palworld Boss Tower locations

    Palworld Tower locations on the mapTowers a plenty. Screenshot by Dot Esports

    Across its expansive archipelago, Palworld features five Towers, each representing a major boss fight. The distribution of these Towers on the Palworld map is as follows: two in the Forest biome, and one each in the Volcano, Snow, and Desert biomes.

    At each Tower, you’ll enter a raid-style battle with a single boss representing one of the various factions you encounter around the world. You can queue up for these challenges alone or with other players on your server, and here is a look at what to expect at each location:

    1. Tower of the Rayne Syndicate

    The first stumbling block for many, The Rayne Syndicate Tower is located just Northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings, where you start your journey. It’s crucial for completing the tutorial’s final step, which tasks you with beating the Tower’s boss. Don’t just go in with swords and sticks hoping to win, since this boss is where the game tries to teach you the basics of PvE in raids.

    2. Tower of the Free Pal Alliance

    Located at the snowy peak of the central island, the Free Pal Tower is the last of the two starting biome bosses and will test your ability to not only deal with the cold but also take on a truly formidable foe. A Bow and Arrows won’t cut it this time, so be sure to get yourself a Gun or at least some stronger Pals, because this is where the PvE steps up.

    3. Tower of the PIDF

    The Tower of the PIDF is far northeast of the Desert Biome and is easy to spot from afar, considering most of this area is mountains and sand. Just don’t go too far north, otherwise you’ll come across a duo of powerful legendary Pals that will make short work of any under-leveled player.

    4. Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre

    The Volcano Biome’s tower is easy to spot. It’s at the top at the highest point beside the Volcano, which makes it an easy climb as long as you have heat-resistant gear. Bringing a good flying mount will make it easier to reach, but just be careful not to get too close to any lava, or you will burn to death and kill your Pal, too.

    5. Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit

    Located on top of the cold mountain in the Snow Biome, just like the Volcano Biome, this is the final tower you should go looking for. It’s at the very top of the Snow Biome’s mountain, and its boss has over 200,000 HP. You should try to bring some high-level weaponry like Rocket Launchers along with useful Pal Gear to help you take down this end-game threat.

    All Palworld Alpha Pal Boss locations

    In addition to primary boss battles in Towers, every region of the Palworld map hosts at least three mini-boss fights that you can enter just like the Towers. These skirmishes can be against Alpha Pals in the overworld or located within Seals spread throughout the map.

    An Alpha Mammorest as seen from afar.Alpha Pals are spread all over the Palworld map. Screenshot by Dot Esports

    Overworld Alpha Pals are typically called World Bosses by the Palworld community, since you can stumble upon them at any time in the wild, and they are marked on your map automatically when you get close. The earliest example most players encounter is the level 38 Mammorest that likes to wander just north of the Plateau of Beginnings where you initially spawn.

    Seals are the most common way to encounter Alpha Pal Bosses, as they act like entrances to battle arenas where you face off against these Pals just like a Tower Boss. You can typically find these Seals around Great Eagle Statues, making them easy to Fast Travel to and from as you prepare to take on the challenge.

    Image showing the location of Sealed Realm of the Stalwart in PalworldSeals all have a specific look. Screenshot by Dot Esports

    Since every player starts in the Forest Biome and that area of the Palworld map is the largest, it hosts 30 different mini-bosses. This is to help you learn where to find these bosses and how to defeat them, with levels ranging from 11 to 47—giving you a few end-game level Alpha Pals to really challenge you once you are ready. Every other biome has far fewer Alpha Pals, but their levels are all very high, so you’ll need to be prepared when challenging them.

    Beating these encounters rewards you with coveted materials like Ancient Technology Points and Ancient Civilization Parts. These are essential for crafting key items, like the Egg Incubator, and can help you quickly get stronger Pals and gear. You can also find Alpha Pal Bosses at the end of Dungeons.

    All Palworld Cave and Dungeon locations

    Dungeon Cave Location PalworldCaves ahoy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

    There are over 80 Dungeons to find across the Palworld map, though they will not always be available to enter since each cave spawns on a rotation.

    Dungeons work on a time-based system where players can enter one during an allotted time to collect resources, catch rare Pals, and fight a boss for bonus rewards at the end. These caves close and are replaced by another Dungeon randomly generated with a new boss once the timer is up. The dungeons also have individual difficulty levels, ranging from level 10 to level 40 plus, with the harder ones typically being in late-game areas like the Volcano and Snow Biomes.

    More Dungeons are constantly being discovered, and there is a chance Pocketpair could add more in future updates, so it’s a good idea to try and find all Palworld Dungeon locations for yourself and mark them down.

    All Palworld fast travel locations

    All Tower Locations Map PalworldThese statues are great for quickly bouncing around the map. Screenshot by Dot Esports

    There are 45+ Great Eagle Statues located across the Palworld map. They serve as Fast Travel points, meaning once you activate a Great Eagle Statue by approaching and interacting with it, you can teleport to it by visiting any other statue on the map.

    While exploring new areas, you can occasionally spot unactivated Great Eagle Statues by opening the map. Additionally, any Palbox you place down to act as a base will also become a Fast Travel location, so be sure to use that effectively to get easy access to any resource you might be after, or plan out where to build your second Palworld base. These Fast Travel Locations include:

    Forest Fast Travel Locations

    • Plateau of Beginnings
    • Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach
    • Sea Breeze Archipelago Church
    • Small Cove
    • Grassy Behemoth Hills
    • Small Settlement
    • Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster
    • Ascetic Falls
    • Ravine Entrance
    • Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon
    • Investigator’s Fork
    • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant
    • Deep Bamboo Thicket
    • Azurobe Hill
    • Forgotten Island Church Ruins
    • Forgotten Island
    • Ice Wind Island
    • Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance
    • Bridge of the Twin Knights
    • Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings
    • Islandhopper Coast
    • Ancient Ritual Site
    • Cinnamoth Forest
    • Hypocrite HALL
    • Lake Center
    • Marsh Island
    • Marsh Island Church Ruins
    • Natural Bridge
    • Eastern Wild Island
    • Mount Floppie Summit
    • Gobfin’s Turf
    • Mossanda Forest
    • Sealed Realm of the Guardian
    • Snowy Mountain Fork
    • Sealed Realm of the Swift
    • Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance

    Volcano Fast Travel Locations

    • Ruined Fortress City
    • Mount Obsidian Midpoint
    • Foot of the Volcano
    • Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance
    • Beach of Everlasting Summer
    • Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue
    • Ancient Civilization Ruins
    • Fishermen’s Point

    Snow Fast Travel Locations

    • Cold Shore
    • No Man’s Trail
    • Ice Weasel Hill
    • Pristine Snow Field
    • Unthawable Lake
    • Land of Absolute Zero
    • PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance

    Desert Fast Travel Locations

    • Sand Dunes Entrance
    • Duneshelter
    • Deep Sand Dunes
    • PIDF Tower Entrance

    All Palworld Skill Fruit Tree locations

    Once you have access to a handful of Great Eagle Statues in various biomes, you can go hunting for Skill Fruit Trees. These are special trees you can find around the Palworld map that grow fruits capable of unlocking unique Skills for your Pals.

    Palworld player and pal staring at Skill TreeSkill trees have a distinct, mystical look to them and are easy to spot when exploring. Screenshot by Dot Esports

    Each Skill Fruit Tree can grow fruits for each Pal Element, which is capable of teaching Active Skills to any Pal regardless of their Element. This means you can teach an Ice Pal a Fire Skill as long as you use the fruit properly. It’s important to note that Skill Fruits do not have anything to do with Passive Skills, which give stat or behavior modifiers to each Pal, or Pal Partner Abilities.

    We found 18 Skill Fruit Tree locations in Palworld. To find them, look in distinct areas like the top of large hills or within deep ravines. Make sure to mark all their locations on your Palworld map for later, too, as Skill Fruit does grow back over time.

    All Palworld level zones

    An outlined map of Palworld's southern areas with level recommendations.You’ll have more luck in certain regions of the Palworld map if you’ve reached a specific level range. Image by Dot Esports

    Exploring the Palworld map leads you through various biomes and, more importantly, different level zones. What does that mean? Level zones in Palworld house enemies of particular strength. In other words, certain areas are safer even for low-level characters, while others will be challenging.

    The game doesn’t stop you from going into a zone based on your level. In fact, you can venture into any part of the Palworld map from day one. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have a great time trying to survive in an overwhelmingly hostile environment. Luckily, we have a detailed map of Palworld level zones to help you navigate Palpagos, as well as a detailed breakdown of the recommended player levels for each region!