Esports News - Super Smash Bros - February 6, 2024

Fox and Steve are the most used in Smash character usage statistics.

Super Smash Bros isn’t a new fighter with players still figuring out the cast. However, the dedicated communities and multiple games used in tournaments mean that we see quite a few tournaments each year with room for a variety of characters. What’s really impressive, especially in Ultimate, is the variety of higher-tier characters. As one player analyzed Smash character usage statistics for the 2023 competitive season, he got a good idea of ​​who was most popular recently.

Throughout Ultimate’s competitive life, we’ve seen some clear patterns for the character. With the release of DLC like Steve and Joker, we’ve seen them dominate Smash Bros esports tournaments. Is it still the most used character? Thanks to a recent analysis, we’re now able to get a better look at how characters appear in competitive events, along with Melee’s increased diversity.

Fox - How to Use Smash CharactersFox - How to Use Smash Characters

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Smash Character Utilization – Who will top the charts in 2023?

A recent analysis by EazyFreezie looked at how much each character will be used in the esports landscape in 2023. General usage statistics are one thing, but it’s a great way to see which characters rise to the top of the more competitive segments. game. First of all, there is a character that is not a big surprise. Out of the entire Smash Bros roster, they are basically the most dominant in tournaments and conversations, Steve.

2023 Character Stats: Includes both Melee and Ultimate! Thread (1/4)
The first is a placement rate that covers the entire 2023 competitive season.

— LG | EazyFreezie (@EazyFreezie) February 4, 2024

Minecraft characters are controversial and often subject to bans. However, they are almost 1% ahead of the second-place character in tournament usage. Next is ROB. They are followed by Palutena, Snake, Pyra/Mythra, and Roy. Most of the top picks aren’t big surprises and are noticeably common even if you only watch the biggest Smash matches in the tournament.

In Melee, there’s something similarly predictable about the top spot. Fox had the largest share of Smash character usage data in 2023. He cleared over 25% here! He is followed by the Sheik, and then by Falco. Melee’s roster is smaller. There’s still room for innovation here, as has Yoshi’s rise since aMSa brought him to the level of a major win. But Fox isn’t really surprised.

Smash character usage data shows some clear trends for characters that stand out. Melee didn’t really shake things up, but when you look at the data this way, Steve’s brilliance is hard to ignore. More controversially, Steve is still quite far from enjoying Fox-like fame.