Esports News - Fortnite - February 5, 2024

Fortnite TMNT Crossover Event Available with Event Pass

A new Fortnite event is coming soon! But what exactly is it? Looking at the leaks and new timers appearing in the game, we can deduce what will happen next. The Fortnite TMNT event, a complete crossover that will see us through to the end of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, is about to begin. What is this new event and what’s happening on the new tab on the Fortnite home screen?

Players who logged into the game after the latest Fortnite update had a bit of a surprise waiting for them. A new tab has been added to the home page. As with past major events, there’s a whole section waiting for new event passes to be released. It appears to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. We’ve already added the main skin to the store, so why is a new Fortnite TMNT crossover being teased and what can we expect?

Fortnite TMNT CrossoverFortnite TMNT Crossover

Source: Epic Games

Teaser Tab – Event Pass Released for Fortnite TMNT Crossover

A new tab on the Fortnite home page indicates that a full crossover event will be happening soon. This means a new event pass. It’s essentially a smaller version of a battle pass that allows players to unlock cosmetics or free skins by purchasing premium tiers. There’s also a countdown for the event to begin later this week.

The new crossover is part of the overall Fortnite TMNT event, but what should it include? We’ve already had four major turtles in April. However, a recent Fortnite leak has revealed that a Shredder skin is coming to the game. We can probably expect this to be a new skin included in the event pass.

Along with this, there may also be some unused content from the original release. This includes new mythology, such as Ninja Turtle-like attacks, along with new POIs located in the sewers of the map. Despite being captioned underground, there have been no actual accessible sewers in the current Fortnite season. They were just warp points. Adding a leaked POI to the Fortnite TMNT crossover could finally make it happen.

Latest Fortnite Leaks – Leaked Shredder Fortnite SkinLatest Fortnite Leaks – Leaked Shredder Fortnite Skin

Source: @IFiremonkey

April O’Neill Research

Along with teasing a new crossover, the last update included a bit of an overture. The game features a new set of quests. This article features April O’Neil investigating the appearance of mysterious subterranean turtles. This is a very simple quest, all done around the location of the April O’Neil NPC. Head underground to complete this task. This initial quest is a fun teaser, and we’ll soon see the full TMNT Fortnite crossover begin.