Blog - February 6, 2024

Foamstars trophy list: All trophies

If you’re ready for entertainment, excitement, and a title that gives the familiar feeling of covering the entire map in one content, then foam star and its trophy list has you covered—literally.

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Another day, another trophy list. This time is for foam starFoam-shooting fest comes from Square Enix’s concept and is a far cry from the company’s usual plethora of JRPGs.

You can try it out if you’re on PlayStation, as it’s completely free for PS Plus Essentials owners, and if you’re looking to protect your friends in goop, you can earn some trophies when doing so in foam star.

Do foam star Have a Platinum Trophy?

dj duck in foamstarsThe duck DJ alone is worth the price. Image via Square Enix

foam star There is no Platinum Trophy as Square Enix opted for a reduced trophy list for the multiplayer title and Platinum was sacrificed in the process.

Personally, as a trophy hunter and a Platinum chaser, this breaks my heart. Even the vanity of sea foam cannot mend my broken heart. However, foam star There are still plenty of other attractions and a few trophies for you to earn and get 100% completion.

How many trophies are in foam star?

The foam star trophy list feature 12 different titles: nine Bronze trophies, two Silver trophies, and one Gold trophy to increase your individual trophy total—as well as your trophy total.

You also don’t have to work hard to earn it all. Just play some games, spend a few hours in the game, win different game modes and level up!

foam star list of trophies and achievements

NameDescriptionSmash the StarWin in Smash the Star. (Excludes Private Parties and Rating Parties). Rubber Duck PartyWin the Rubber Duck Party. (Private Parties and Rating Parties are not included). Happy Bath SurvivalWin Happy Bath Survival. (Private Parties and Rated Parties are not included). Give your all to the Legendary PartyWin the Ranked Party. Save well! Score points for a teammate. (Excluding lounges and private parties). Foam Create foam for your opponent. (Excluding lounges and private parties).Nice Chill!Chill 10 competitors. (Excluding lounges and private parties). Ones to watch Win awards in any region. Good squad! Complete the team’s tasks at a normal level. Best Team Complete the team’s mission on difficult level. Let’s party! Attended 25 parties. (Private parties are not included).We are FOAMSTARS!Reach player level 25.