Blog - February 1, 2024

Foamstars Part One: Rankings, New Characters, etc

foam star, a bubble-fueled four-on-four shooter featuring muddy terrain and fast-paced combat. In Part One, starting on February 6, you can enjoy ranking matchnew eventOne Season tickets with epic rewards, and colorful skin for your characters.

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Everything is coming foam star Part One

foam star Ranked and tiered matches

Ranked Lonestar Party is for solo ranked matches. Image via Square Enix

Like other online shooters, in foam starYou can play ranked matches during the season solo in Lonestar Party Ranking or with one team in the Ranked-Vibe Tribe. Ranked parties will be available each season. The higher your rank, the better your rewards will be. If you’re curious about the rankings, they are:

  • Bronze star
  • Silver star
  • Golden star
  • Platinum star
  • Diamond star
  • Super star
  • Party Legend—is the highest level.

To find your rank, you will go through a Ranking positionwhere you spend RP to start Five-match ranking testand you will receive RP based on the results of these matches. Your total RP at the end of the placement will determine your rank.

You will be matched against players with similar rankings. Image via Square Enix

foam star Extreme party event

Extreme Party event at foam star To be Limited time event will be held on two weekends each season. Each event will have a new set of rules. In the first event, Starry Pop, you can enjoy two modes: one where you can use Mel T, a character who specializes in using ranged weapons, and the other where everyone is stealthy. image. Luckily, you’ll have a weapon filled with foam and this will stick to you and your enemies, making them easier to detect.

New character: Coiff Guy

Coiff Guy’s cut on the dance floor. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Square Enix

Twice a month on weekends, you can try one of these new character arrive foam star in the next season during their stay Happy party Friyay.

In Starry Pop, you can try tailor guy, An all-star dance enthusiast ready to hit the dance floor and help you destroy your enemies.

Starry Pop Season One Battle Pass

There will be free and premium tiers. Image via Square Enix

Every season foam star There will be a new battle pass with epic rewards that players can unlock by earning XP as they play. The war offers two paths, free and premiummeaning everyone can earn free tier rewards, but premium tier rewards can only be claimed by those who have purchased the premium pass.

Free, premium, and limited seasonal skins

Pastel pink (left), School uniform (middle) and Cheerleader (right). Image via Square Enix

Have three skins We know that’s coming this season, inclusive Pastel pink, School uniforms and Cheerleaders.

It’s not yet known which of these will be free, paid, or season-limited, or whether there will be multiple skins in these categories, and we won’t know until the first season kicks off on the 6th. February. But it’s safe to say they’ll be neon and funky-themed.

foam star 2024 Seasonal Roadmap

Each season will last five weeks. Image via Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed foam star 2024 season roadmap, which covers the game’s first half-dozen seasons. You can expect to see more new characters, skins, quest updates, cards and maps over the next six months, and a new season will start every five weeks.

foam star It’s not even out yet and it could become one of my favorite shooters. But we’ll have to see how it performs when it goes live on PlayStation on February 6.