Blog - February 6, 2024

Foamstars Countdown: Exact start time and release date

Fans of free online shooting games, rejoice—foam starA colorful new experience from Square Enix is ​​coming to your PlayStation sooner than you think.

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Announced in early 2023, foam star is an upcoming third-person shooter from Square Enix. Drawing comparison with Splatoon And Fortress, foam star is a four-on-four team game in which players use foam to attack, defend, and build.

With a colorful cast of eight characters with unique abilities and three different game modes (so far), it will likely please gamers who enjoy shooters but prefer a more light-hearted experience. .

The open beta test became available in September 2023, inviting players to experience first-hand what the developers are working on. But many players may wonder if there is set a release date for PlayStation exclusive. Thanks to developer Square Enix’s latest announcement trailer, it’s available.

When foam star liberate, release, free?

foam star released on February 6, 2024and is a global release, which means the exact time will vary depending on your time zone. The exact times are 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm GMT and 4am AET (February 7). If you want a simpler analysis, just follow our countdown below.


The above information is available and confirmed through the PlayStation Store page for the game. This is also the first title confirmed as a PS Plus Essential game in February 2024, replacing the PS Plus Essential series in January. The Story of the Plague: Requiem (PS5), Evil West (PS4/PS5) and No One Saves The World (PS4/PS5).

If you want to jump right in foam star As soon as this PlayStation exclusive releases, make sure your PS Plus subscription is active in early February.