Blog - February 7, 2024

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Preview: A sensational return to FF’s open-world roots

At a recent preview event on January 24th hosted by Square Enix, I had the opportunity to sit down with Final Fantasy 7 reborn to experience the first three to four hours of the game.

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I went into the preview not expecting much. For the most part, I completely ignored the trailers because I wanted to experience the world for myself, and that was probably the best decision I ever made. My short time with FF7 reborn Aroused in me a burning nostalgia for the past The ultimate illusion games of my youth I simply did not play the first part of the remake trilogy.

IN Final Fantasy 7: Remake, the adventure is not an open world experience; it’s very linear, with most of the action locked in a single path. But in FF7 reborn, things are very different. You could say it’s a brave new open world.

Choose a direction and start walking!

Let’s go! Screenshot of Dot EsportsHuge map. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There is something magical about seeing it FF7 The remake trilogy evolved into what it is now. As someone who has played a lot of NES, SNES and PS1 The ultimate illusion game, I’m used to moving from place to place using an overhead map without much detail beyond the usual trees and towns. So the idea of FF7 having a big, wide, open world that gives you almost complete freedom is an absolute joy that I’d love to take advantage of.

I spent most of my time in time FF7 reborn Preview sessions immerse yourself in its world. In it, we are free to explore as we please. While most attendees wanted to rush through the main story to unlock faster transportation (Chocobos), I chose to take a more relaxing approach, taking my time to enjoy the magical world that Square Enix created.

Lots of secrets. Screenshot of Dot EsportsThe village came from nowhere. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

And I’m so glad I did. As I searched the farthest corners of the map, I came across many treasures, including favorite locations containing precious valuables waiting to be found and interesting details about the world beyond. familiar road. It’s nice to see that the game not only rewards you for going where your heart desires, but also actively encourages you to seek out side quests and other content between missions.

You will also come across small settlements and villages that don’t even appear on the map. In fact, in most cases, the map you’re given at the beginning is completely useless in telling you what’s around. Only by exploring and discovering unexplored areas will you begin to understand what you are doing.

Wait… it’s an open world!?

First encounter with Chocobo in FF7 RebirthChocobo time. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The more you experience the open world FF7: RebirthThe more I realized this was the first time The ultimate illusion game for a long time to give you a huge open world to explore—at least at first. If I’m not mistaken, the last thing The ultimate illusion The game has a truly open world FFXVreleased in 2016—eight years ago.

FF7 remake Annoyingly linear, and while Final Fantasy 16 There are a few “open” areas where they don’t hold candles FF7: Rebirthand most are just towns with not much to see. Not to mention previous games like FF13Completely linear and lifeless.

Having this huge area to explore, along with the feathered Chocobo friends you unlock early in the main story to speed things up, is a treat. In fact, after getting a Chocobo, I ran around by myself and re-experienced the nostalgic feelings of the past. The ultimate illusion game, although there is a much larger world to explore instead of the classic top-down perspective.

It was through exploring the world that I finally felt like I wasn’t just coming back The ultimate illusion roots but something beyond that. If regeneration there’s an entire map to explore, places to see, and secrets to discover, I’ll probably reach max level just doing side quests before I’m halfway through the story.